A Sad (?) Farewell

It feels like yesterday when Mike sent me an MSN pop saying:

Mike: Merry Christmas Je!
Ha? (confused because it was only September 2007)

Hehe! (discreetly giving Marwin a look)

And there Marwin was, wearing a red vest over a green long sleeved shirt (or is it the other way around?)

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for most of us because it was Marwin’s last day in the office. We thought we were all prepared for this since he has the longest “resign mode” period, but we weren’t. Nobody can ever be prepared for goodbyes. When he was packing all his stuff before going home, a lot of people drove to his place to say their farewells. I opted not to go with the flow because I was busy with my unit testing (duh!) while secretly talking to Joie about how sad we were. And I wanted to have a more quiet time with him. So when he was about to leave, I said my piece and gave him a hug. Surprisingly, I was not that emotional compared to those who left before him, not because he was any less, but maybe because I got used to it. And partly for the reason that, we never really lost touch at all with those who left before him.

I went home, caught him in YM and told me that he prepared a short note for each of us. I teased him that I would put it in my blog since he has never read any of my entries. He dared me not to edit anything. So here it is…

Hi Je,

This is it! I know we will still see each other but the thing is, we don't get to see the usual laughter we share during meetings, lunchbreaks and chika moments.

Thanks for sharing your technical knowledge and your patience (kahit maikli lng). Especially the friendship I will surely and continuously treasure. Wala na ung maliit na girl (maldita rin) na nagroroll ng eyes na pwede rin nyang itago ung black portion ng mata nya.

I'll surely miss the usual things!!! I hope i-invite mo ako sa kasal nyo ni Boyet (or kung meron k pang balak na iba) at syempre, ikwento mo mga cheesy moments nyo before, during, and after honeymoon! hahaha!!!

Sana makasama ako sa mga gimik nyo, assuming na magiging gimikera ka na.

Thanks, goodluck, take care, sleep well, eat right, have a good lovelife (sex life?)...

Kisses and Hugs,
Marwin T. Macalanda
(address and mobile phone number)

Marwin, I know I promised not to change anything but I chose not to disclose your address and mobile phone number. I don’t want all the flirty girls and hookers to flock in your house, though I know it would make you really happy! LOL!

It’s true that things will never be the same again without him, same holds true with Mike, Tang and Kriska.

They say that great minds think alike. Birds with the same feathers flock together. So now, it feels like I will be losing 1% of my brain cells each day because I somehow lost someone whom I can talk to, talks ranging from the silliest to the most serious ones.

I’ll miss feeling the annoyance of seeing him eat all of his “ulam” and leave the rice behind. I’ll miss his tea sessions. I’ll miss how irate he can be in restaurants when the food takes a lifetime to be served. I’ll miss how he puts me on the spot if he feels like doing so. I’ll miss how he corrects even the most trivial things: difference between setup and set-up, thru and through, subject-verb agreements. I’ll miss his adobo, pesto, and all of his tips on cooking. I'll miss the yoga moves. I'll miss how he made all the muscles in my body ache after a badminton game. I’ll miss the back fighting, the green jokes, the greener jokes, the greenest of the green jokes. I’ll miss the bwahaha laugh, the laugh that sounds like his lungs and small intestines are switching places.

But the funny thing is, Marwin joined us today for lunch! Haha! So I think it would be useless to be sad! I don’t think I’m going to miss him at all!

But I still hate him for blowing up the pattern!!!

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