Restaurant Review: Fish & Co.

After a tiring day at the office, Boyet and I walked to Greenbelt to have dinner. GB was so crowded as usual for Friday nights. We roamed around for a few minutes until both of us agreed to try Fish & Co. It wasn’t my first time to dine in Fish & Co. as we used to have teambuilding lunches there.

I was debating to myself whether I’d have dessert or soup. Since I don’t want the sugar rush to avert me from getting a good night sleep, I decided to have soup instead. I loved the fact that the soup is so creamy but not overpowering.

Clam Chowder Php140

Boyet could not make up his mind on what to get so I blindly suggested the baked salmon. I had a few bites of the fish but I didn’t like it that much. It was a good thing that he enjoyed it but I don’t think he touched any of the vegetables.

Baked Salmon Php385

I was still full from my lunch at Kitaro so I begged off for a rice meal. I tried the usual fish and chips which I believe is one of their bestsellers.

I forgot the complete name but I remember the name having a Philadelphia in it. I love how the flavor of the stuffed cream cheese blends with the savory fish fillet. It is crunchy on the outside yet flaky and tender inside.

Fish and Chips Php465

It comes well with their dip in which I opted to put some chili for added kick.

Dip with garlic and chili

Boyet came to the rescue when I told him that my stomach could no longer handle additional food intake so he finished my fish and chips.

I usually just ask for service water instead of ordering drinks. But since I deprived myself of desserts, I decided to have some lemonade. But instead of the typical, I tried their strawberry lemonade. I love anything with strawberries may it be from strawberry jam, strawberry taho of Baguio, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry ice cream up to strawberry ketchup! Ok, the last one was an exaggeration. But the strawberry lemonade was so refreshing and I totally forgot my cravings for desserts.

Bottomless Strawberry Lemonade Php110(?)

Fish & Co.
Level 3 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center
Makati, Metro Manila

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