The Cheesy Side of Him

At last, my home PC is up and running again. I have been out of the cyber world for almost two weeks which made me miss blogging a lot. Good thing though that I wasn't really out for the past week because of the weather which means that I don't really have anything exciting to blog about, except for this. Well, it might not be interesting for some but it made my day for sure.

Boyet usually picks me up every morning for work. Since my morning rituals make me slower than an old turtle, he still has the time to help me out pack my lunch. This has been the case for almost four years. But that day was the first time that he did something cheesy which made me want to order for a Greenwich pizza!

I opened my pink lunch bag to reheat my food when I found this...

Sweet right? It was so unusual of him to do something like this which makes me want to frame this piece of paper!


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