Restaurant Review: Mr. Choi Kitchen

If Mr. Choi Kitchen would give a peso each time a customer visits them, our family would have been a millionaire a long time ago. Okay, I might be exaggerating but we have been to Choi a lot of times but my parents never get tired of coming back. My dad used to “boycott” the place as he claimed that he needed to shout for someone from the crew to refill his iced tea. But he gave in and we want back to being one of their avid customers.

We had dinner to Choi last Sunday and my mom was paying. She said that we have been eating out a lot lately so we needed to watch out our bills. (I remember I paid on Mother’s Day so why was she whining?) Anyway, we didn’t get bottomless iced tea and had their free house tea instead. And my dad already knows one of the staff so he asked for plain soup. My dad told the waiter to have it charged but he gave it to us for free.

I forgot to get the receipt so I don’t have the price and name of each dish hihi.

My parents were trying to avoid eating pork and beef if they did not prepare the food. They said that we cannot risk getting sick from imported meats. Hehe! So my parents decided we stick with seafoods, veggies and our favorite tofu.

We usually order either broccoli in oyster sauce or beef with broccoli but the waiter suggested we try the one with white sauce. Err, the name escapes me. But this is must-try. I loved the sweet and salty tang with the sour aftertaste. I have never liked a broccoli dish this much.

The tofu was also nice. I could taste hoisin sauce in it which gave it a sweet Oriental flavor.

Their fish fillet was surprisingly not oily. My brother got most of it so I couldn’t remember how it tastes. Hmph!

And the infamous Yang Chow...

The dinner costs Php795, much cheaper than what we usually have. My mom was a little bothered by her conscience so she brought home our favorite fish skin. It just started as a free appetizer and they later on started to sell it for Php265 (if I'm not mistaken).

After dinner, we went to Fruitas to grab some fruit shakes. Healthy huh?!

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