Second Time Around: Mom and Tina’s

Last Friday was already my second time to visit Mom and Tina’s. My first time wasn’t really extraordinary so I gave it another shot since a lot of people are raving about how good it is. It was our company outing but Jeff, Joie and I opted to work instead. It was Boyet’s last day at Fujitsu so he decided to join us for lunch.

I wasn’t that happy with their lasagna so I chose to stay away from pasta. I got Chicken and Chips instead. I wasn’t surprised at how oily these kinds of dishes are. The consolation I had was the tartar sauce that comes with it. The waiter was nice enough to give me an extra dip when I asked for one.

Boyet tried their Pork Steak with mashed potato. I tried a piece of it and felt it was a little bland.

How can we leave without desserts? I was long craving for Brazos de Mercedes so I tried theirs.

I think my choice was far better than Jeff's. Look at how he holds his fork while trying so hard to get to his dessert. Hehe!

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