Baguio Trip: Day 3 (PMA)

Kuya Roy picked us up at O’Mai Khan after lunch and we went straight ahead to the Philippine Military Academy. I have always dreamed of seeing PMA because of the thrill it gives me in seeing well-dressed cadets. I love the mystery it gives me in trying to find out how they feel. Because it seems to me that they are not really allowed to show weakness, or they are just trained not to show any emotions at all.

Boyet got a little excited with the big “toys” at the Relics Point.

Who said that only Kim and Gerald can do some dramas in PMA?

Scene 1

Je: Tell me, where did I go wrong?

We continued to roam around without minding the heat of the sun.

David Garcia Jr.??? No way!!!

We were lucky enough to have witnessed some of the cadets during one of their drills.

We had a common goal going there: to have a picture with the cadets. It was not an easy task. I was willing to die for that mission. But I chose to die with dignity. But these two people got a little too excited!!!

Style: Pa-simple

Style: Garapalan

But we never stopped until we could all say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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