Baguio Trip: Day 3 (Lunch at O'Mai Khan)

We went back to the hotel after the floral parade to freshen up. We survived going around Baguio with the use of a map, the same map that suggested us to try out O’Mai Khan. It says that it offers Mongolian cuisine, in which I am so dumb about.

Boyet tried out their Four Seasons drink and I was surprised to see that it is entirely different from the conventional.

Four Seasons for Boyet

If Baguio has strawberry taho, of course they have strawberry shakes. :)

Strawberry Shake for me

I was even more surprised when my baby back ribs arrived at the table. I had second thought if I could even finish eating it. I thought the serving was good for two people but I was able to eat it in a flash.

I also had a taste of what Boyet had. The shrimp was just ordinary but it comes well with the dip which I believe is a mixture of calamansi and butter.

This is my second favorite gastronomic adventure in Baguio next to CafĂ© by the Ruins. But I know it’ll be hard to convince you because my pictures do not speak for themselves. Yeah I know, I forgot to turn on the flash. I am stupid. :p

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