Baguio Trip: Day 3 (Kennon Road Viewing Deck)

This was not part of the planned itinerary but Kuya Roy suggested we take a look at the Kennon Road viewing deck. I felt two things. First, I felt awe at the sight of it. I could see a lot of things from my perspective: zigzag roads, heavy traffic, and how commercialized Baguio has become.

And then I felt a sudden melancholy seeing how men have destructed the gift of nature. Notice how the trees have perished? We should all be vigilant about this problem. It’s easier to cut a tree than to grow one. But it’s definitely easier to plant a tree than to see hundreds of people who could die when Mother Nature strikes back. How I wish my grandchildren can still see the beauty of Baguio. :(

Why am I so tempted to make a jump shot? :p

We also had the chance to try out the Igorot’s native costumes. We only paid a voluntary contribution as a rental fee for these.

Crazy people!

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