Baguio Trip: Day 3 (Floral Parade)

Things started out differently on our third day. I woke up at 6 a.m. to find out that Joie and Jeff have already taken a bath and Erlie was next in line. We had a reversal of roles on day 3. Joie and Jeff bought our breakfast at McDo while we looked for a place at Harrison Road. We were all in place even before the parade started at the Session Road.

At 8:30, screams were heard as a signal that the parade was about to start at the Harrison Road. There were a few government officials, street bands and dancers who started the parade.

I was like a child in awe when the floats started to come out. It was so amazing seeing all the colors and sparkle in real life.

After a few minutes, the screams got louder. The crowd was hysterical. And to our surprise…

Kim and Gerald gracing the Panagbenga Festival

I have always liked Kim Chiu way back from PBB Teen Edition. But to my disappointment, her pretty face was blocked by the big butterfly on the float. Both Kim and Gerald were nice enough to wave at everybody. They're both cute. Hihi ^_^

Kim was sort of an “appetizer” on the parade. Well, maybe for the boys! The next pictures will show you why. :p

Alyssa Alano

Alyssa Alano on the SMB float

I loved this float! :)

There were still other floats in the parade but I was not able to get good shots because a GMA crew put his tripod in front of us! I really hated all those photographers who crossed the line and vehemently went in the middle of the parade to get pictures. That was also why most of our pictures are taken on side views. Grr!

Parade Sidelights:

There were other people standing behind us. In the middle of the parade, there was a commotion because of an old lady trying to get to the front. So we started hearing objections from other people. There are three characters in this story. The old lady (Manang), a sosyal girl (SG) and a bulky manong (BM).

SG: Ano ba yan! Kawawa naman yung nasa unahan (referring to us).
Manang: (singit ng singit) Padaanin nyo ko!

We started to feel the pressure on our backs because the old lady was persistently trying to get ahead everybody.

SG: Ano ba naman yan. Kanina pa kami dito tapos sisingit ka lang?
Manang: Ang yayabang nyo! Bakit inyo ba ang kalsada?
SG: Hindi! Bakit iyo rin ba ang kalsada?

During the heated argument, I heard someone say, “Hayaan nyo na pauupuin nyo na si lola”. So the old lady sat behind Joie. But the old lady kept on whispering and cursing. That made the sosyal girl go furious.

SG: Pinaupo ka na nga nagsasalita ka pa. Tumahimik ka na lang kasi pinasingit ka ka na e.
BM: Oo nga naman ho. Pare-pareho lang naman tayong nanonood.
Manang: Tiga-Baguio ba kayo ha? Ako I am from Ifugao!
BM: Hindi! Tiga Mindanao ako. E ano ngayon?
Manang: Go back to Mindanao where you came from!
SG: Shut up!
Manang: Ehhh! (speaking in Ilocano) Mga punyeta!

Instead of getting into my nerves, I just laughed silently because of that. It was just like listening to Angelina and Yaya!

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