Our Fourth Anniversary: MY PART

Today, we celebrate our fourth anniversary. Four gruesome years with him is just unbearable!

Ooops! Let me start again.

Four years of love, laughter, adventures and even hardships have passed. I’m just so glad that those four years are built over a strong foundation of friendship.

It has always been my dilemma thinking how to celebrate our anniversary since it is just two days away from Valentine’s Day. I wanted this year to be extra special because last year was terrible. So the hopeless romantic in me came up with a plan.

I started planning last Monday with the ever reliable Joie. She suggested we try the cupcakes from “Frostings” but I didn’t like how restrictive they were with what I really wanted. So we decided to try out ART CAKES in Glorietta. This isn’t the place if you’re looking for the best-tasting cakes but I just loved the thought at how they were willing to give in to my ideas. My plan was to have the cake delivered to his office on the afternoon of February 12. The following morning, he told me that he would just go on a vacation leave so he can plan ahead for our anniversary date. I tried to convince him to just leave that thought behind since he has a lot of pending tasks at work. He blew it! He knew I was up to something. The element of surprise was all gone. I was so furious that night because I felt that all my efforts have come to waste. Hmp! He apologized and promised not to take the day off. But he was already anticipating my surprise! How anticlimactic!

That was the first time I failed. And I hate failing! Since he already knows that something is coming, I had to think of anything that would make him off guard.

Fast forward…

This morning, I bumped into several issues at work which made me cram at my supposedly surprise gift to him. I initially planned to meet his officemate Migs after lunch to help me set up the surprise. But with things going crazier every minute, I had the chance to do it at around 3 p.m. I was rushing here and there because the delivery is set on 4:30. So I brought my first gift and bought three tulips along with it. I tasked Migs to ask 3 officemates to give one tulip each to Boyet. But with some twisted turn of events, no girl was around. The ending: three guys had to give it to him! Haha! He left his work station and when he came back, he already found the picture mosaic which was set up by Migs.

Photo Mosaic and 3 beautiful tulips

At his workstation

He called me around 4 p.m. as if nothing happened. He was already saying silly things. Haha!

B: Kumain ka na ba?
Me: Busog pa ko e.
B: Bakit busog ka pa?
Me: Dami kong nakain nung lunch e.
B: Ako kasi may lucky me supreme pa dito e. (long pause) tapos may 3 baklang nagbigay sakin ng tulips. May nagpapabigay daw. Tapos pagkagaling ko ng c.r. may frame na. Nakakainis ka! Pinapaiyak mo ko! (his voice cracking)
Me: Wahahaha!

That was what he was expecting. He was already unguarded because he thought that was already the surprise.

He called at 4:50. He was shouting!

B: Nakakainis ka talaga! Akala ko tapos na!
Me: Ginalit mo kasi ako e. Sinira mo surprise ko. Kaya iniskandalo ko buong office nyo.

My Final Surprise

Boyet acting childish with the cake

I am so happy with the outcome. Many thanks to Joie, Jeff and Migs!

The next post will be the “His Part”. I’ll try to do it tomorrow. I am just so tired and sleepy that my hands are numb and my brain could not think of anything to write.

Happy anniversary baby!

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  1. awww! that was so sweet je! :) i can't wait to know what 'his part' was! :D


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