Two Farewells my Heart has to Handle

It will be a big day tomorrow. I’m pretty sure that emotions will be all mixed up. It is because tomorrow, we say goodbye to two extraordinary people. Both are not only officemates but whom I also consider as my close friends. Uggh! Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and small talks will never be the same again. First it was Mike, and now Kriska and Tang. Arggh! I am just on my first paragraph and I am now starting to cry. Though I hate you for leaving me behind, this is the least I can do for the two years of friendship we have shared.


I appreciate the trust you have always given me. I value how you open up your heart to me even with the most sensitive issues that normal officemates don’t usually share. I enjoyed all the small talks I had with you, especially if we’re talking about love, diet, Havaianas and Victoria’s Secret. I am grateful at how you watched my back all the time. And I promise to do the same with Jeff as much as I can. I am so sad that you’re leaving. I also hate you because you left me with a battle that I have to face all alone. I am jealous because you have what you have right now. But I am happy. Because good people deserve happiness.

Kriska, Je and Jeff (younger version)

I really found a sister in you.

I’ll miss the occasional back fighting. :p


You are the first person whom I shouted and yet appreciated me for being upfront. I’ll never forget how you said “Je thanks ha. You’re such a nice friend.” I never imagined a big guy saying that. You too are such a good friend. You are my favorite topic on this blog. I’ll miss how you bully me. I'll miss how you give a new life on the Chinese vocabulary.

Debibabols = deliverables
Condolence prize = premyo ng contestant na hindi nanalo ng grand prize
Hindi ko matulungan = I can’t help it
Odds are = when you are out of words
Masarap dyan sa resto na yan = siguradong sasakit ang tyan ko
Potangina = favorite word mo

I'll miss all your jokes that only you can understand. Accept it Tang! You are not meant to crack a joke, because you are always the joke! Hehe!

Tang while savoring bulalo

Saying goodbye is never easy. But sometimes, a friend’s departure is the best way to motivate those who are left behind. See how I’ve been talking to a language only we can understand? I’ll miss you! I love you both!


  1. awww..i hate you too for making me cry! hahaha! but honestly, i was really touched..i love you too! thanks for everything je!

  2. ikaw na bahala kay jeff ha! wag kayo papaapi!

  3. You're welcome! Thanks too! I'm all alone. I'll try my best to continue what we have been fighting for. If I can't for some odd force of nature, I can you-know-what. Good luck! Keep in touch! :)

  4. awww ... goodluck kriska & tang! masaya sa outside world promise! hehehe :)

    miss ko na kayong lahat ... huhuhu!

    je, avid fan ako ng blog mo. sana laging may update. hehehe! gusto ko rin mag-blog kaso i'm sooo tamad. haha!!!

    hope to see you all soon ...

  5. Tang, alam kong ikaw si anonymous! :p

  6. Wow Vannie, I'm so touched. Akala ko dati 3 lang nagbabasa ng blog ko. Ngaun 4 na hehe! Balitaan mo kami ha. :)


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