Our Fourth Anniversary: HIS PART

Yihee! I know that three people are waiting for the “HIS PART” of my previous entry. So for those three people who are reading my blog, here it goes. Just a disclaimer though, the photos are really bad. I am stupid enough in forgetting to bring my camera. :(

Most of the time, I plan our dates. He isn’t the most detailed-oriented person in the world when it comes to dates. But it was different yesterday. I already knew from the beginning that he was up to something.

First, as soon as I have completed my tasks to surprise him, he called to inform me that we are having dinner at the Kitchen in Greenbelt 3. As I’ve said, I usually choose the place on our dates.

Second, he called again just to tell me that he wants dessert. He doesn’t like desserts!

Third, after we finished the appetizer, he keeps on telling me that I have food between my teeth. He tells me to go to the comfort room to have it rinsed. But wearing braces for almost 5 years, I know how to handle those things without the need to go to the wash room. As customary, I face him, give him a big smile and he tells me in return where the food is. I know it’s yucky but that’s how we do it.

Fourth, he insisted on getting dessert even if I begged off. I was so full from the day’s lunch and the pasta I had for dinner. It’s usually the other way around. I would save some “space” for desserts every after meal and he always skips desserts.

Tiramisu for Dessert

Fifth, the waiters are all staring at me! They were all in one corner talking in whispers all the time.

As an avid fan of CSI, I knew I have already solved the crime. I started eating the chocolate shavings on top of the tiramisu. After eating the first layer, I started doubting my investigative skills. I told myself that I might be wrong. And just when I accepted the fact that I was wrong, I realized I was right all along.

It was there. I started trembling. We had an agreement to have some things settled first before we go the next step. We have always wanted to take that step but all the responsibilities we have on both our shoulders are keeping us from doing so.

He gave me a theoretical question. “If I asked you now to marry me, would you?” Instead of giving him an answer, I gave back a question. “When?” Haha!

I know you are all getting excited for me. But don’t be. We heard from Delamar of The Morning Rush (RX 93.1) that the engagement ring should at least be worth the guy’s two months’ salary. So Boyet said that what he gave is not yet an engagement ring. He calls it a “promise ring”. According him, it symbolizes the promise he made four years ago that he would remain faithful and that I would be the last girl in his life. Errr! Mushy!

I also found out that he was supposed to give me a ring on our 3rd anniversary. He didn't give it to me because we fought on that same day. When I asked him where the ring is, he said “Nasa bahay. Wag na yun, mas mura yun dito!” Hahaha!

As a spoiled brat, I asked him if I should be expecting another proposal. He said yes because according to him, I deserve something grander.

So technically, I am not yet engaged. I’m “promised”. Hehe! If you’re wondering where the ring is, the one without the chocolate mess, I don’t have it with me. He will try to return it to the store because it is a size 5. I am a size 4! Haha!


  1. awww! HIS PART was as sweet as YOUR PART! kakainggit ang kasweetan niyo! i'm really happy for you je! :)

  2. nyay! practice pa lang yan. wala pa kaming pera e :(

  3. Ganda naman ng blog mo.. especially this one.. buti n lang meron isa sa atin na marunong magsulat. May magtuturo sa magiging anak natin.. hehe.. Seriously, I've waited such a long time to give you a ring. I planned it last year but it didn't happen because we fought. Im happy n nabigay ko rin sa wakas. Napapalitan ko na ung ring.. pina-engrave ko n rin.. Bigay ko sayo tomorrow. I love you baby...

  4. haha! sana nga pati itsura sakin magmana! :p i love you too :)

  5. uuyyy ... ang sweet naman :) happy anniversary to both of you. patingin ng ring sa susunod. hehehe!


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