Where To Eat In Binondo: President Tea House

Boyet and I have wanted to try out the Chinese restaurants along Binondo. I just got tired of the same old fast foods and restaurants found in malls. I was looking forward for this food trip for almost a week.

We started the day by going to the North Mall in Monumento to run some errands. Then we went straight to Puregold. I helped him do the grocery because he’s cooking lunch for me tomorrow. :) We proceeded to Binondo as soon as we dropped the groceries to their house. I didn’t actually have a specific place in mind though I did some research over the net. Our initial plan was to go to Sincerity because I’ve read good reviews about it. But we got a bit lost and we were both starving since it was already past 2 in the afternoon. And then we spotted the President Tea House. I have bits of vague childhood memories of Binondo, most of them with my paternal grandfather. I was pretty sure I have been there before because I felt a little nostalgic upon entering the restaurant. I felt a little out of place because the it was packed with Chinese. Well, my dad is half Chinese which makes a quarter of me Chinese too. Hehe!

Chinese food is not complete without the infamous Yang Chow.

Yang Chow

I automatically decided to order Oyster Cake the moment I laid my eyes on the menu. I was whining to Boyet that I couldn’t taste the oyster. He laughed and told me to eat it without the fried rice. And wow! I could taste the onions, spring onions and bean sprouts and then the oysters came rushing through my taste buds just before I swallowed it. Yummy!

Oyster Cake

Spare ribs were quite salty and oily but still taste good.

Spare ribs

And why would I miss desserts? My all-time favorite Black Gulaman!

Black Gulaman

We spent Php740 for the food including 1 can of soda. The serving was generous. We even took home 3 slices of the Oyster Cake because we were already full after an hour of eating. You can never go wrong with fats, oil and sugar!

President Tea House is in Salazar St., Binondo, Manila.

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