Why does he love me?

I really had a weird birthday. I could not and would not want to celebrate it at all. It might be brought about by old age. It’s so hard being an adult. I still look at myself as a child. But at this age, I am forced to act like a grown-up. Maybe, just maybe, this is the root of my dilemma. I was planning to write this for days but I just couldn’t bear to think of the things that make me sad and let the whole world know. But a real adult is expected to face the problem.

A few months ago, my parents were a little worried because of an investment they have in an insurance company that filed bankruptcy. That was supposedly their retirement money. It isn’t my money but I just cannot endure the stress it brings to my mom. But we talked as a family and it helped a lot. The problem may not be solved but at least, the family is facing it together. And then few days before my birthday, Boyet lost P6K to pickpockets. See story here.

I think I am at a point in my life when I question everything. Why can’t I do what everybody else can? Why am I just earning this? What do I really want to do in my life? So many questions, yet very few answers. But there is one question that I have been yearning to have an answer for the longest time.

Why does he love me?

I got a card! And I got the answer!

Whenever I think of the time we first met,
when you seemed too special to ever forget,
and I felt you changing my life even then...

Whenever I think of the times you've been there
to talk with me, laugh with me, show me you care,
to comfort and cheer me and be a real friend...

Whenever I think of my time spent with you,
when so many beautiful dreams
have come true,
whenever I think of how happy I've been...

That was the message in Boyet’s birthday gift to me. He told me that he was supposed to give me a jacket for our Baguio trip as a present. But I insisted that I wanted something priceless. I love words. I am a sucker of poetry and love letters. I didn’t post this right away because I wanted to savor every word before I divulge them to the whole world.

Disclaimer: Never mind the grammatical/typographical errors. My baby is an engineer and not a journalist! :p

Why does he love me?

Simply because he just loves loving me! :)


  1. "Never mind the grammatical/typographical errors. My baby is an engineer and not a journalist!".. thanks.. hehe..

    Of all the promises i've given you, ito ung hanggang ngayon e ginagawa ko. lagi mo n lang sinasabi sakin na I lagi ko di tinutupad promises ko, siguro naman di mo ko papagalitan dito.. hehe.. Im happy that you let me show how I feel for you.. I love you baby.. :)


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