My Sweet Chef

He cooked lunch for me today! He was so thrilled at the idea and was nagging about it the whole week. I helped him with his groceries yesterday because he planned to cook steamed fish and my favorite white spaghetti.

He picked me at 11 today and we arrived at their house an hour later, just in time for lunch. First served was the steamed fish with mayonnaise topped with pickle relish, chopped carrots and steamed egg. He threw a tantrum when I kept on laughing because he forgot to take off the scales of the fish after steaming it. It looks a little yucky but it tastes really good! Yummy!

Poor fish! :p

And at 2:30, he finished cooking the white spaghetti.

White Spaghetti

He kept on asking my mom about this recipe every night for almost a month! That is why my mom asked how the white spaghetti was as soon as I got home. Hehe!

I was so touched and was so impressed. I got home with a full stomach and a happy heart. :)

Thanks baby! :)

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