Movie Review: Twilight

I watched Twilight last Friday before we went to Tagaytay for the long weekend. A lot has been said about this much anticipated movie. Some say they liked it, others say it is a big disappointment. I am big fan of the Twilight Saga. I even liked Meyer’s ‘The Host’. But I firmly believe that there is a common denominator among films adopted from novels. Every reader has the power to play with his own imagination. So every reader will have a different perspective of the story. And Hardwicke’s narration will never amount to the imagination of the millions of people who read the book. I have to admit that I felt the same with A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Da Vinci Code and even Harry Potter. Readers will always say that the book is ten times better than the movie. I confess that I conceived Edward far more different than how Rob Pattinson portrayed him in the film. But yeah, he’s still adorable.

I was waiting for some of the lines I remembered reading but it wasn’t in the movie. Too bad! But I understand that it's difficult to have all the 500 pages of the book be translated into a two-hour film. There were some bad acting here and there. I didn’t like the Biology scene because Edward looked constipated. But I loved how they played with Charlie’s character. He is so funny. Some of the effects gave me a headache. But I loved the baseball scene. Especially how the Cullens got protective of James’ “snack”.

Those who have not read the book would find it easier to enjoy the movie. But this will not be the case for those who were engrossed with the book. The book is far better than the movie. But it’s a not a waste of neither money nor time. I am not a movie critic so I would not dwell on the technical aspects. Therefore, don’t take everything I said seriously. I am just so sleepy to write a sensible review. Hehehe!

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