Almon Marina

I think I’m sick. It seems that I am suffering from LSS. Last Lasagna Syndrome. Every time I go to a restaurant, I always check out and try their lasagna. And surprisingly, I used to enjoy every lasagna from the plain-looking and cheap to the well-plated and posh. But my good old lasagna adventures are all gone after I savored the meaty lasagna of Xtremely Xpresso. It was so scrumptious which made me feel that no other lasagna would even dare come close to it. I tried Mom and Tina’s lasagna but I got disappointed. So I decided to break the spell brought about by my LSS. Last week, Boyet and I decided to have a late lunch after watching Twilight. Since it was a bit late for lunch, and we had to go home early to pack for our Tagaytay trip, we just went to the first restaurant we laid our eyes on. It was Almon Marina at Robinson’s Ermita (the only mall I know by heart). It was as if I have a fatal disease longing for a cure, well a good lasagna in this case.

My verdict? Hmm… it was fine. The cheese gave the lasagna a distinct flavor. And the bittersweet bread was a nice contrast. But unfortunately, I am not yet cured. I will eat as much lasagna as I can just to bring back my taste buds to normal.

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