Secret Recipe and Penang Hill Weekend

I have to admit I’m a diet hypocrite. I eat fruits and vegetables. I do crunches every morning. And I even play badminton almost every Saturday with my fellow diet hypocrites. But the irony is after every game, we would rush to our desired restaurant and eat like there’s no tomorrow. And yesterday, our destination was the Secret Recipe at Robinson’s Place Ermita. As soon as I opened the menu, I already saw all the awards and commendations of their dishes and desserts.
They all got the Chicken Cordon Bleu while I decided to have the Grilled Black Pepper Chicken. The waitress already warned me that the dish is spicy. But since I am a fan of spicy foods, I still went for it. After the long wait...

The chicken was tender and juicy. But in the middle of the meal, the pepper was a bit unbearable. Thank God for desserts!! Marwin, Jeff, Joie, Boyet and I got one cake each. I got their award-winning marble cheesecake. I only used my phone to take pictures so I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. But I can guarantee you that this is one of the best cheesecake I have ever tasted.

Boyet got the moist chocolate cake which is also a must-have.

And today, my family and I went to try out Penang Hill as my treat to them after getting my 13th month bonus. We got two kinds of fried rice which they started putting on their plates before I could take pictures. While they were all busy with the rice, I took pictures of the two other dishes.

The barbecue and broccoli with beancurd were both fine but my favorite was the spring roll.

After all the fats and sugar my feeble body has taken on my two-day food trip, I suddenly decided to be health-conscious. That’s why I got this…

The last time I had Dairy Queen was 8 years ago when I was still in my senior year in high school. When Robinson’s Place was relatively new, my classmate Louisa and I would go to Dairy Queen every Friday and just hang out their while eating ice cream. Ohh! Their blizzard is so fantastic! It brought back old memories and all my misadventures in high school. And tomorrow, I will have to lead a new life… as a diet hypocrite! Hahaha!

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