Xtremely Zoobic Adventure

After weeks of preparations and all the misfortunes that were trying to prevent us from pursuing our trip, here I am now writing all the fun things we experienced during our trip to Subic. It was my third time but I was still awed at the beauty and mystery of it. I remember being there on February with my friends and on March with my family. We were one of the few lucky travelers to experience seamless travelling because of SCTEX for free last Holy Week.

We arrived at Ocean Adventure a few minutes after nine. I was a little frustrated because a lot of kids were having their field trip that day. It only meant that I had a very slim chance of being spotted to be a volunteer for the sea lion or dolphin show. :(

We first went to see the aquarium. It wasn’t as big as I was expecting. But I still enjoyed it especially when the kids were all shouting "It's Nemo!"...

The sea lion show was scheduled at 10:30 am.
So we decided to check out the sea lion training for the show. There was a kid, whom I assumed paid to have a close encounter with it.

We then went to see the sharks. Too bad I only saw small crabs and not sharks because the deck was too crowded with kids. The good news is my photographer cum boyfriend took some pictures for me.

A few minutes before the sea lion show started, we went at the entrance gate and we saw dolphins jumping in and out of the water. It made me so excited to see the dolphin show at 12:30.

The gate for the sea lion show opened at 10:15. We were lucky to be seated a few rows behind the front row of the bleachers. And the show began. The sea lions were so adorable. The show was funny yet informative. They even reminded everyone about the importance of taking care of the ocean to protect all the sea creatures like Simba, the star of the show.

We ate lunch at the parking area while waiting for the 12:30 dolphin show. We arrived at the viewing area a few minutes past 12 only to find out that most of the seats were already taken. We had no choice but to take the remaining shade less seats. When the show was about to start, the rain started pouring. Everyone started to leave their seats except the five of us. Hehe!

The show was astounding. I was like a kid again jumping out of my seat and clapping my hands each time the dolphins did their tricks. We didn’t mind if one second the sun was scorching and the next second we were all soaked up in the rain. We just savored every moment of fun and amazement.

After the show, we got the chance to have a close encounter with the dolphins. Of course it’s not for free. But it was worth it. I asked the trainor why the dolphins have some white spots. He said that those are love marks. Even the cutest creatures get a little naughty at times huh!

While waiting for the photos, we dropped by the souvenir shop. I’m so ecstatic that I got two key chains to add to my collection. Then at exactly 2 p.m., we left Ocean Adventure and traveled to our next destination…

The Zoobic Safari tour is more organized. Visitors will be grouped. And each group will be assigned with a tour guide. I didn’t get bored even if the earlier part of the tour was just like the one I had in any other zoos. It is because Lhon, our tour guide, never failed to inject humor all throughout our stay.

I witnessed a lot of funny stuff that would have made it to Bitoy’s Funniest Videos. Hehehe! Look closely. I won’t elaborate what these two monkeys were doing in the middle of the day. Haha!

We also had our share of wacky moments…

For me, the highlight of the tour was the close encounter with the tigers. First, we were in an enclosed jeepney while the tigers roamed around. They recommended that we buy chicken that would be fed to the tigers. We didn’t buy because we girls were a little scared. And we already paid a fortune to have our photos taken with the dolphins in Ocean Adventure. Hehe! The “feeder” was seated behind us with his one hand outside the window holding half of the chicken. We were wandering for a few minutes but the tigers refused to be lured by the chicken. Boyet then blurted out, “Kumain na ata ng ostrich yan kanina!” And everybody laughed (it made me a proud gf hehe). I now believe that Boyet has a fallback just in case he decides to get out of the IT industry. Anyway, one of the tigers got hungry and jumped over the vehicle. And even had drumstick for dessert…

The second encounter was different. This time, the tigers were caged. But I find it scarier because of “Rule #6” saying that if we notice the tigers raise their tails and turn their backs on us, get scared! Tigers are territorial and they tend to squirt urine on their enemies. Worse news? The smell of tigers’ urine can last for 2-3 days before it wears off.

The tour wrapped up a little past 5 pm. We headed to Ocean View Resort where we had a reservation. We arrived there before 6:30 because we got lost along the way. Blame Boyet who was holding the map the whole day! As soon as we settled, we ate the dinner we prepared. We then had a short walk along the beach. It was already my second time in Ocean View. But unlike my first time, the bar was open because of a bikini competition being held. Too bad we were all tired because of the day-long walking that we were not able to see (and envy) the girls in swimsuit.

The flash from Jeff’s camera woke me up early the next morning. We had breakfast and we went out swimming.

We left the resort at 1 pm. The rainshower just before we checked-out made us postpone our plan of going to Treetop Adventure. We just dropped by Duty Free instead. And then we went to Xtremely Xpresso for the final treat.

All our expectations were high because of the good feedbacks about this restaurant. The plan was just to get the Big Ben pizza because we just had our lunch a few hours ago.

Then Jeff got...

Joie decided to have...

And Erlie wanted...

I knew I had to be sensible for the group. My conscience kept on saying "Guys, we just had our lunch! How can we eat all of those? Gluttony is a deadly sin, right?"

I know you are all wondering how the trip ended. Answer: With this, from me...

Hahahaha! I wouldn't mind going back to Subic for the fourth time. :)

P.S. Sorry for the photos. We are all "amateur" photographers. Or should i say "wannabes"? Please bear with us. :p

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