20 things (some are stupid) I want to do before I reach 30

(From my Friendster blog site originally posted on July 11, 2008)

1. Do at least one extreme sport.
2. Go back to my 23-inch waistline which leads me to number 3.
3. Wear a swimsuit. Hahaha! Walang pakialamanan :p
4. Wear a skirt. I’m a jeans girl e.
5. Spend a night out of town. I did this twice this year. But I am hoping to make more trips in the future.
6. Learn how to cook. (as in edible food)
7. Eat a whole Yellow Cab pizza all by myself.
8. Ride a bicycle. My mom never allowed me.
9. Fly a kite.
10. Bake a cake. I already tried cookies and brownies. Way to go!
11. Have my own business.
12. Write a song. Hmm , sige na nga lyrics lang. I’m not musically inclined e.
13. Have a picture with a popular celebrity. Babaw no?!
14. Have my hair all curled up even for a day.
15. Go to a live concert.
16. Go to a midnight sale.
17. Have my own house.
18. Have something named after me. Maybe a star???! In my dreams!
19. Start waking up every day of my life with my one great love.
20. Learn more, laugh more, and live more.

Silly me :)

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