It Feels Great to be 24

(From my Friendster blog site originally posted on January 26, 2008)

Hey! It’s my birthday! I can’t believe I’m 24. When I was 16, I couldn’t imagine myself being in my 20’s. I had a great celebration which started last Thursday when my officemates threw a surprise for me. I already planned a vacation leave a day before my birthday so I could avoid all the cake-blowing and picture-taking. But they still managed to give me a surprise. Although it has been a tradition in the team to give simple treats to birthday celebrators, I was still not expecting it. If someone did not accidentally sent an MSN to me telling about the frame to be given to me, I would really be clueless. Guys, you really have to work your acting skills. And at about 5pm, Mike told me, “Tara Je, surprise merienda tayo!” Hay sana man lang pinanindigan na nila yung surprise sakin =)) But I really love the frame with a very candid (as in very candid) picture of me with their dedications. I didn’t realize that most of them consider me as a friend. I mean admit it; it is very unusual to find friends in the corporate world. I remember promising myself not to be attached to anyone of them for a very simple reason. I don’t want to get hurt because I know that the relationship will only be temporary. We will all part ways sooner or later. But how can I resist knowing and spending time with these nice people?

Mei, I really appreciate every small talk we have especially when you try to encourage me to get married young. I wish you and your baby good health.

Zel, I also enjoy sharing all the “kabaliwan” stories with you. I still laugh every time I remember all your childhood stories. Lalo na yung kalaro mong nahulog sa kanal!

Kriska, I will continue to be a “maldita for a cause”! And let’s continue to have more mushy and heartbreaking moments together!

Cric, let’s have more “chikahans” and Coffee Prince chats! Thanks for the trust and confidence you gave me. Be healthy!

Joie, more telenovelas to watch out for! And more “bossing moments” together!

Tang, the heavyweight guy! I love making fun of you! And I know the whole team feels the same way! Haha! Let’s have more laughs, and more food!

Mike, how can we live without you? PRA will be a pity without your humor! Thanks for making fun of Tang. It never fails to brighten my day.

Jeff, you will always be like a younger brother to me. You’re one of the smartest person I’ve ever known. Learn to take risks, and risk to love!

The celebration continues. I went to church today with Boyet then he helped me iron the clothes haha! Thanks for the bracelet baby.
:) The best part is the food! I still get excited with the cakes. The black forest and mango cakes at the office and the triple-layered-I-don’t-know-the name-of the-Goldilocks cake given by Papa. And who can forget the strawberry-chocolate-ube ice cream. But I love Mama’s carbonara the most! I bought the wrong fettuccine pasta so it looked really ugly. (Imagine carbonara with green pasta nyikes!). Tomorrow will be my turn to treat them! :) And the late birthday celebration will be on Feb. 9!! Yahoo! It feels great to be 24! :):):)

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