my stress buster ^_^

(From my Friendster blog site originally posted on October 10, 2008)

Aside from sharing dinners with my family, I have another stress buster that I look forward every day after the tiring 8 hours of so at work. Presenting (drum rolls please…)

Meet Ashley, my so adorable "inaanak" (godchild) who lives just a few steps from our house. She is turning 3 years old this March. I just find it so amazing that I got the nickname “Je” because most of my officemates could not pronounce my two-syllable name. And here is a little human being still on her diapers, who calls me “Ninang Jilet”. Well, kids don’t know the letter R. But at least she tries although she made it sound like a razor!

She talks like an adult (a very talkative adult)…

And she acts like an adult. As a matter of fact, she even has time to sweep the floor!

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