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(From my Friendster blog site originally posted on September 28, 2008)

I was out of the office twice this week, first on Monday because of severe headache and then again on Friday due to fever and muscle pains. My blood test shows that the fever was a result of a bacterial infection because I have tonsillitis, which I just had last month. I now remember what my pediatrician told me when I was ten that frequent tonsillitis may lead to rheumatic heart disease. Whew! No more shakes, sundaes for merienda and chocolates after dinner. Am I not pitiful? :(

But that’s not the only bad news I had to deal with that day. My hemoglobin count is below normal, which means that I am anemic. Again?! It means I have to live like a goat again eating all the green leafy vegetables Mother Nature can offer. (Grass is not a vegetable, right? Hehe!) It also means that I have less TV and reading time at night. Now I think I’m pitiful. :( But then again I have to be thankful that the brutal headache is caused by anemia and not migraine. It also means that my head’s not all wired up and that I am undeniably not insane. Though some people think I am… Bwahahaha! :)

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