Migraine or Insanity???!!!

(From my Friendster blog site originally posted on September 23, 2008)

I have been experiencing excruciating headaches lately. It annoys me that the increase dosage of Paracetamol and longer hours of sleep are not enough to relieve the pain. I already have a history of tension headaches and oversensitivity to light plus my mom has migraine. So I consulted the ever reliable google and searched about migraine. I happened to read something in www.avoidamigraine.com saying that five areas of imbalance cause migraine symptoms. I think I don’t have a problem with the first four considering that I am getting more health-conscious as I get older. But I am not sure about the fifth.

Emotional Balance. This might be the most importat step of all. What you think affects how you feel affects how your body operates. Everything is connected. For example: You could have the best diet, carefully alkaline-balanced, with good organic raw foods, etc. But if you have one really angry or stressful episode — poof! You’ve acidified your body and started a chain reaction of migraine symptoms. Another example: The most commonly reported complaints prior to the onset of a migraine are stress and negative emotions. Practice relaxing your body, in particular your face, jaw and eyes. Keep your shoulders, neck and head relaxed. Avoid grinding and clenching your teeth, and frowning.

And then it also says that people who are perfectionist, critical, driven and controlling have greater chances of having migraine. I just want to get some answers about my recurring headaches and here I have to assess if the pain is caused by my being obsessive-compulsive or being an over-achiever. Now I am beginning to think that I am getting crazier each day. Am I? I hope not. But maybe I am. Is it insanity or migraine? Haha! I’d rather have migraine. But maybe I don’t have migraine! Just like when I thought I had it three years ago only for a neurologist that I waited for almost three hours prescribed Tylenol, which is I think just a few hundred milligrams higher than Biogesic! Whoaah! I’d rather think this is just caused by the wrong inclination of my office chair, or maybe my monitor is just too bright. I’d rather think that I am just reading more books than I usually did, or that I am more hooked at Gregory House’s diagnoses. I’d rather think this is just headache, or maybe migraine. But I’m definitely not imbalanced! Definitely not insane! Bwahaha! :)

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