Restaurant Review: Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

I first learned of  Sarsa Kitchen + Bar when I watched its feature on KrisTV. A few weeks after, some of my teammates treated the entire team to Sarsa. Owned by Chef Jayps who is also well-known as the celebrity chef judge for MasterChef Pinoy Edition, this restaurant’s popularity skyrocketed after the airing of its KrisTV feature. But after my first visit, I realized that this restaurant goes beyond the celebrity status of its owner and its endorsement from Kris Aquino. Everything I ate from my first visit left a mark in my taste buds! Super sarap!!!

I could not stop raving about it. I told my husband that I need to bring him to Sarsa. We tried one Saturday morning, but we went a bit too early so the restaurant was still closed. A couple of weeks after, my husband finally found out why I fell in love with this restaurant!

Because I was with a big group when I first tried Sarsa, I was able to try a lot of dishes. Everything is delicious that’s why I had a hard time deciding what to get when I came with my husband. I kept on telling him, “Eto masarap… Eto din masarap... Gusto kong ma-try mo ‘to!” But of course, it’s impossible for two people to consume everything I wanted to get that day. I had to limit my suggestions to the best dishes I had tried to give way to some new things from the menu which we could try for the first time.

DSC_1302 Batchoy PHP170

Because soup must always be present on the table when I am with my husband, I let him decide on this. He chose regular batchoy to warm our bellies for an upcoming feast. This flavorful soup is topped with crunchy chicharon bits which added both texture and flavor.

I had to let go of my other suggestions to give way to the next two dishes. I wanted my husband to try Sarsa’s Lechon Kawali!!! This sinful treat is extraordinarily delicious. I will probably run out of adjectives to describe this, but I will try hard. First, the lechon kawali itself is tasty and perfectly crunchy. It comes with two dips which took this dish a notch higher than your usual lechon kawali.

DSC_1307Lechon Kawali PHP250

It comes with batwan tsokolate and pinakurat! O yeah, lechon + chocolate?! What are you, crazy? Well apparently, Chef Jayps is crazy enough to have such a combination. The chocolate wasn’t there just for the sake of making the usual lechon kawali stand out because the combination worked really well. But despite the uniqueness of the concept, my vote still goes to the pinakurat dip. I might be biased because I love sukang pinakurat and everything spicy, but my husband said that it is also his choice over the chocolate dip.

Aside from lechon kawali, I would not let our Sarsa experience pass without letting my husband try its chicken inasal. When I first tried Sarsa’s version, I decided to tag it as the best chicken inasal in town! It’s charred to perfection while retaining all the moisture. The meat is very juicy unlike other chicken inasal which tends to be on the dry side.

DSC_1312Inasal PHP165 

My husband had been to Bacolod for a business trip a few years ago so he was able to experience eating authentic chicken inasal for days. And according to him, Sarsa’s chicken inasal is the best!

When I go to a restaurant which I have already been to, I don’t usually get the same dishes that I have tried before, but not in this case. My husband and I agreed to come back to Sarsa to have the lechon kawali and the chicken inasal over and over again. And I have to let him try the kansi on our next visit!!! Aside from having our favorites, we also wanted to try their isaw and kare-kare. So Sarsa, watch out for our return!!!

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar
Unit 1-7 Forum South Global
Federacion Dr cor. 7th Ave.
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

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