Kolokoy Household: Episode 25

Published on November 04, 2013

Hello, everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. And I do hope you all spent some time praying for your departed loved ones at hindi nag-camping lang sa sementeryo. Hihi! Anyway, before we all go back to the daily grind, let’s have another Kolokoy Household post, shall we?


I handle all our finances. I don’t think it’s because I am the wife. A lot of married couples make the mistake of thinking that wives should be on this role by default. If the husband can handle the finances better, then he should carry this role. But in our case, I am way better with money. Anyway, you all probably know by now that I am having a hard time in this task. We are paying for a house, we pay for car maintenance, we didn’t turn our backs in our “responsibilities” to our respective families, and I have a medical condition which helps a lot in draining our savings. But I appreciate the fact that my husband does his part in making sure that we make ends meet. A few weeks ago, his leather shoes finally gave up on him. He then started making parinig that he needs to buy a new pair.

leather Image taken from highershoes.com

Boyet: Kawawa naman sapatos ko.
Me: Halika na kasi, bumili na tayo.
Boyet: Huwag na, wala naman tayong pera.
Me: Wala tayong pera para sa luho, pero may pera tayo para sa mga ganyan.
Boyet: O sige sa weekend bili na tayo. For the record, pinilit mo lang ako ha.
Me: O sige na, matahimik ka lang!

On Monday morning…

Boyet: Hoy babae! Bilisan mo namang kumilos.
Me: Ang aga aga pa kaya! Ang aga ko kayang gumising.
Boyet: Basta bilisan mo. Sigurado male-late na naman ako.
Me: At bakit? E ang aga pa nga!
Boyet: Mabagal akong maglakad, bago kasi shoes ko e. Hehehehe!

At that moment, gusto kong gawin sa sapatos niya ‘yung ginawa ni Carmina sa sapatos ng anak niyang lalaki sa commercial e!


One night as Boyet was taking a shower, he asked me to hand him a bar of soap from our stash. I noticed that his soap is more expensive than mine.

Me: Anak ng tokwa! Ganito kamahal ang sabon mo? Pa OLAY OLAY ka pa kasi.
Boyet: E diyan lang ako hiyang e.
Me: Grabe, e mas mahal pa ‘to sa sabon ko. Pero sabagay, kailangan mo nga ng mas mahal na sabon!
Boyet: Takte ka! Personalan na ‘yan ha. Humanda ka paglabas ko!
Me: Hihihihi!


My husband is such a bully. Some people think that I am the bully in this marriage, but they are definitely wrong. It’s just that most of the time, the insults he throws against me are not suitable for public consumption. Kaya akala niyo ako ang bully kasi nase-share ko dito sa Kolokoy Household ang mga banat ko sa kanya. I seriously think that it is his life mission to terrorize me. And he does this all the time. May PMS man o wala, may sakit man ako o healthy, masaya man ako o bad mood, his day is not complete without bullying me. So each time I see a window of opportunity for me to fight back, I grab it! A day after the OLAY incident, I came back with a vengeance hihihi.

Me: O nilagay ko na ‘yung white shirt mo sa bag mo ha. Nandun na rin ‘yung shorts and towel mo.
Boyet: Ok sige, thanks.

After a few minutes…

Me: Dalian mo, ready na yata sila Mama. Aalis na tayo in a few minutes.
Boyet: Ay, bakit ka naka-white? Sana sinabi mo para terno tayong white. Hehehe.
Me: O e di kunin mo ‘yung nasa bag mo para naka-white ka rin.
Boyet: Ay ayoko, panget ‘yun e.
Me: E di sakto! Terno sa fez mo! Bwahahahahaha!!!
Boyet: Kagabi ka pa ha!


Enjoy the rest of the week! =)

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