Product Review: Moroccan Argan Oil from The SOUQ Organics

A couple of months ago, I became a part of the bandwagon composed by countless of women who now use what some dub as the miracle oil – the Moroccan Argan Oil. I spent hours on the internet researching about it, and my research yielded a lot of positive feedback from women who can attest how this miracle oil worked for them. I then informed my friend Abby about it. The next thing we know, we were already on our second bottle of Moroccan Argan Oil courtesy of The SOUQ Organics!

A minute 30mL bottle costs PHP1500. For a super-duper-kurips wifey like me, this is already a stretch. I know that it is a bit pricey, but I honestly believe that every woman should invest on skin care. As I mentioned earlier, I am now on my second bottle. It took me months to write a review because I want to put it to a stress test before I share it with you. Ganyan ako mag-endorse! Chos! =))

I call my skin type “bipolar”. I know that there is no such thing, but my skin is weird that way. It is normal in most days. But there are days when it gets extremely dry. And there are also days when it gets too oily especially when I’m stressed out or the time of the month is getting near. Because of this, I had a hard time switching from one moisturizer to another. Some of you might say that I should just skip moisturizing my skin on my “oily days”, but I refuse to follow that advice. Because I recently started using makeup, my face needs all the moisture it can get to avoid premature ageing. Mukha nga daw akong 16 years old, sayang naman! :p But thanks to The SOUQ Organics, my long time search for the perfect moisturizer had finally come to an end.

I apply a drop of the Argan oil on my face every night after washing. It took me a while to get used to it because I was initially uncomfortable in putting oil on my face. But I immediately felt the difference on my face. My husband also noticed that my face got smoother. No more dry spots after continuous use. Even Abby got a lot of compliments as people noticed the added “glow” on her face. I also noticed that some of my pimple scars got lighter.

I also apply it on my elbows. Because after trying out all brands of lotion, none was able to moisturize my chapping elbows. I read a lot of women claiming that Argan oil improved the elasticity of their skin. Some say that it can prevent stretch marks, but I can’t tell. I’ll try this when I get preggers and will update you if it really works that way. Hihi.

A lot of women also use this to add shine to their hair and to tame those frizzy strands. I don’t use it on my hair because I use another product from The SOUQ Organics which helped me with my biggest hair problem. I’ll let you know about it on a separate post. =)

Aside from all its wonders, it is organic. That only means that I need not to worry in putting additional chemicals to my skin just so it gets moisturized. Again, it is a bit pricey. But I can attest to its age-defying and moisturizing properties. Among all the items from my vanity kit, this is my favorite. Now you know what to give me for Christmas! :p

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