Throwback Thursday: Bitchy Resting Face

Published on August 01, 2013

Have you heard of the term Bitchy Resting Face? If not, watch this really funny video. You might actually be suffering from Bitchy Resting Face Syndrome! :p

Every time people tell me their first impressions of me, they always say the same things - mataray and/or suplada! Walang mintis ‘yan! In fairness, may isang naiba. A teammate once told me na noong una kaming nagkita, para daw akong halaman. Hindi gumagalaw! Muntik na daw niya akong diligan! But more often than not, I am usually perceived as a bitch. But the closest of my closest friends can attest that I really have a good heart! Hahaha! Char lang! :p

Seriously, let me make this clear. I am not bitchy. Although there are days when I turn into a bitch, hindi ko hobby maging bitchy! I just happen to have a Bitchy Resting Face! As a matter of fact, I think my condition might actually be Congenital Bitchy Resting Face Syndrome! Mukhang inborn e! =))

brf1 Hindi ako sure kung masaya ako dito o nagmamaktol ako dahil hindi ako pinayagang lumabas para maglaro! =))

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