Product Review: Face It Magic Cover BB Cream by The Face Shop

I have been using this BB cream for months, but I forgot to write a blog post about it. I’m really a frontrunner for the Laziest Blogger Award! =))

The first BB cream I used was also from The Face Shop. I discovered Magic Cover when The Face Shop gave us free samples when I had a shopping date with my girlfriends early this year. So when my old BB cream is about to run out, I decided to try Magic Cover. Since I have only used only two kinds of BB cream in my entire life, I will have to inject some comparisons between the two.


Lovely Me:Ex at PHP350 is definitely much cheaper compared with the Magic Cover which costs PHP1,100 (if I remember it correctly).


Magic Cover is not named such for nothing. For me, it has better coverage. Hindi ako masyadong kagandahan, but I am proud to say that I don’t have a lot of blemishes. :p But Magic Cover makes the single pimple scar on my face magically disappear. Even the dark circles around my eyes are drastically lightened.


I think this one differs for every woman. The type of skin is a great consideration for this. But in my case, my vote goes to Magic Cover over Lovely Me:Ex. I started using it when I had to attend a Chinese wedding. And if you have attended one, you probably know that there is a big time interval between the wedding ceremony and the reception. I had to leave the house at high noon for the 2PM wedding ceremony. We had to roam around the mall for hours because the dinner reception is at 7PM. Surprisingly, my face didn’t get oily despite the heat of the sun and my sweat. I once again put this to the test when I attended a beach wedding last month. It was really humid, but my face didn’t look like a used frying pan after hours under the sun.


Lovely Me:Ex is perfect for first time users of BB cream. Even if you put more of it on your face, your complexion will still look natural. Walang Chin Chun Su moment! Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Magic Cover. You have to be really mindful not to overdo it because it has the tendency to alter your natural complexion. Lovely Me:Ex is also easier to apply. I made quite a few mistakes with Magic Cover before I finally got the hang of it. And if you put too much of it, it has the tendency to be a little “heavy” on your face.

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  1. Naks meron pala neto! Hindi ko agad napansin. Maganda nga sya kaso daling matuyo. Hihihihi.. Hindi ako nunong!


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