Restaurant Review: Uncle Cheffy

Working more than a year at BGC, I still get lost. I don’t usually walk alone unless I have to go to banks or the ATM machine which are not more than 20 steps from our office building. It will really be embarrassing when I ask a security guard, “Manong, paano po bumalik ng office ko?!” Seryoso kasi, kung galit kayo sa akin, iligaw ninyo ako. Tapos ang problema ninyo! HAHAHA!!!

Anyway, I usually explore BGC when I am with my office mates. Through them, I got acquainted with Burgos Circle. Can you imagine how proud I was of myself when I was finally able to tell my husband how to go to Burgos Circle? I first brought him there on one of our wedding monthsary dates. The second time was a couple of weeks ago when we had to go to St. Luke’s. We were still too early for our medical appointment so we decided to have lunch first.

Burgos Circle was unusually quiet when we got there. It was a sight far from how I see it on weekdays. Even at lunch time, most of the restaurants were not busy.

It took us a while to decide where to eat. But because I have always wanted to try Uncle Cheffy’s panizza, I asked Boyet if we could. I misplaced the receipt so I’m just relying with the price list from Haha! Sorry, senior citizen moment! :p

DSC_1317 Pumpkin Flower Soup with Shrimp

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you probably know that most of our meals start with a bowl of soup. Our lunch at Uncle Cheffy started with a bowl of Pumpkin Flower Soup with Shrimp. It costs PHP350, but they also offer single serving for a cheaper price.

The bright yellow soup was very appetizing. More than its appearance, the soup tastes really good. Though creamy, the soup isn’t overpowering.

I wanted to punch my husband in the face when he told me that he wanted to try Grilled Blue Marlin Cafe de Paris. First, we went there for the panizza! Second, isda ang ulam sa bahay! E di sana nakatipid pa kami! =))

Hubby’s plate looks good. But I wasn’t in the mood to try it. According to him, it was just so-so.

DSC_1325Grilled Blue Marlin Cafe de Paris PHP395

If my memory serves me right, we got the All Meat Barbequed Panizza. With lots of cheese, shredded meat and minced basil, it was such an eye candy.

DSC_1331 All Meat Barbequed Panizza PHP450

It comes with lettuce, alfalfa and salsa which I generously put in the panizza along with a splash of hot sauce! Roll it, and you’re good to go!

The meat is so tender and packed with flavors too. And the cheese! Who complains with something that has this amount of cheese?! I also liked the texture of the crust. It is actually the perfect cross between a crispy thin crust pizza and chewy freshly-baked bread. Suffice to say, I definitely enjoyed my first panizza experience. Thanks, Uncle Cheffy! ^_^

Uncle Cheffy
Forbes Town Center,
Rizal Drive Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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  1. Nagutom ako sa post na to. I love uncle cheffy!! Ang laki ng servings nila!


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