Dear Candy Crush

Published on March 11, 2013

For a long time, I refused to pay any attention to you. Other than the usual rants from my Facebook contacts, the most common posts I see these days are either “___completed a level in Candy Crush Saga” or “___ gave a life in Candy Crush Saga.” But then again, I refused to join the bandwagon even if I already started getting requests asking for a LIFE. I ask myself, “Why on Earth do people ask a LIFE from me?!”

I have nothing against you. And I definitely have nothing against those who patronize you. But after Pet Society, Restaurant City and Farm Town ruined my life, I promised myself not to be fooled again by this stuff. These three destroyed my body clock, made me lazier to blog and stressed the hell out of me.

One day, I got a request from Joie. Joie is one of my best friends. If my best friend asked for my LIFE, I’d give it without thinking twice. You finally found my weakness and used it against me. Just for the record, the method you used is called emotional blackmail. I hate you.

I thought that I’ll lose a life when I give one to others. But fortunately in your world, it doesn’t work that way. I can give life without losing mine. I salute you for that. I hope the real world works the same way. But then again, I hate you for coming up with your own idealistic world.

You welcomed me in your own world on a Friday night. At 12AM, I was at Level 20. If you didn’t ask for three tickets, I would have continued until the wee hours of the morning. I would probably be late for my 8AM medical appointment.

Now that I am a part of your world, I want you to know that Level 29 sucks! Some say that Level 30 is hard, but I got that in one try. But still, I hate you for I spent almost 6 hours at Level 29. Why are you so cruel?

I could actually forgive you. But why did you have to drag my husband into this mess? He doesn’t even use Facebook. He is not even a gamer. But now, he says “Baby, pahingi ng life” more than I LOVE YOU. We used to be a tag team. Teamwork is one of our relationship’s strengths. But now, he is competing AGAINST me! And I can't even talk to him because he is too busy crushing candies. I hate you.

So if it’s not too much to ask, please give my life back to me. And if you don’t mind, please return my husband!

P.S. Even in my sleep, I could hear TASTY!!!


HAHAHAHAHA! Joke lang! Happy Candy Crushing! :p

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