Two Sensible Friends and A Reader

Yesterday, my morning was actually ruined by an “entity” that probably lives in anger and hatred. It (let’s use IT for that entity, ok?) hit a raw nerve. People close to me know that I’m generally optimistic and jolly. But they also know that I have the tendency to please other people so with things like this, I get really affected. Mataray ako yes, pero ayaw ko ng kaaway.

I went to office and was mum about it. But when I felt that I was about to burst, I opened up to my two best friends, Joie and Aubrey. Both of them said the same thing. They know me better and that I should just let it go.

Me: But I’m only human. I was hurt! :(
Aubrey: Yes you’re human. But your borderline diyosa! Hindi pinapatulan ang mga ganyan. Words are like boomerangs. Every word IT throws against other people will return to IT.

Me: This is so hard to let go. :(
Joie: Galit ‘yan sa mababait. Mabait ka e. Pag lalo kang bumait, lalo lang din ‘yang maiinis.

I know that the words of these women are too strong. But sometimes, my hard head needs strong words so I can fully understand. I finally came into my senses.

Aubrey is right. Having a blog for years, I have learned that I have the responsibility to choose my words in order to create a happy atmosphere among my small circle of readers. When you say something bad about other people, it reflects your attitude, not theirs. You reap what you sow. I don’t know if I can agree on me being in borderline “goddess”, though! :p

Joie is also right. Those who speak of Christ and live in His words are being persecuted most of the time. But this is the path that I chose to take, and I must be strong along the way. Her words reminded me of the story of the scorpion. I can’t compromise my values just because I was pushed against the wall.

After my conversations with Joie and Aubrey, I realized that God has blessed me SENSIBLE friends. I said a silent prayer to thank Him. And I thanked Him for helping me choose my own battles.

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I thought that was already the end of it. Later that day, I got a surprise email from a reader! With her permission, I am publishing it. :)

Hello Je (if it's ok to call you that),

Matagal na akong nag babasa ng blog mo. It started when I was looking for reviews for Goldenhills. I found your blog through google. Napaiyak mo ko, napatawa at na inspire sa mga posts mo. Grabe naiyak ako ng todo sa vows nyo at sa message mo sa parents mo. I find you a very nice person and I hope di ka magulat pero we have actually met. I have just recently discovered why you really are familiar to me. When you mentioned where you work I finally realized nagkakilala na pala tayo. I could not forget your face because you look like the hr on my previous company. A year ago I applied at your company and you were one of those who interviewed me. I also noticed you because of your engagement ring and at that time I was so jealous of any girl na merong engagement ring kase gusto ko ring meron ako. Kaya nung nakita ko ring sabi ko "buti pa cya sana ako man lang mabigyan ng ganyan." :). Buti na nga lang nag propose bf ko at meron na ako e-ring.

Talagang di na ako makapag pigil at nag email na ako kase di ako makacomment sayo. naka disable kase javascript dito sa office namin. nakakatuwa ka lang kase at ang galing mo. keep up the good work Je.

- Maretzel

I actually interviewed three girls last year. One of them got hired. I told her that I remembered her because she was holding a book during the interview. She thought that she needed to wait so she brought something to keep her busy. And to my surprise, she has actually worked with a lot of people I know, some are even my friends. The IT industry is such a small world!

I wished her good luck on her wedding preparations and thanked her for her email. I told her that I was having a bad day, but her note made me really smile. I took it, along with the words of Aubrey and Joie as God’s affirmations that I am doing the right thing. :)

I am not a saint. I already said countless of times that I am still a work in progress. If this happened years ago when I was still an immature biatch, I would have reacted differently. But over the years, I let God’s hands work on me. I am actually surprised that a lot of people are noticing how much I have matured over the years. Those people who know me from my rebel days are telling me how proud they are of what I have become. I am actually proud of how I handled this. But over my pride and the accolades of others, I am happier to think that God is very proud of me too. :)

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