Restaurant Review: Ristras Mexican Grill

Published on February 16, 2013

Married couples will agree when I say that paying for a house entails a lot of sacrifices. Our old lifestyle changed drastically ever since we started paying for a house. I’m not allowed to even peek at promo fares like what I used to before because I’ll probably die salivating over the plane tickets that I can’t purchase. Most of our weekends are now spent at home in our attempt to save money. But once in a while, we make sure to spend some quality time together. Even in doing so, my frugality becomes evident. Thanks to the ever reliable Deal Grocer, I was able to have my birthday eve dinner at Ristras!

Ristras’ Fort Bonifacio branch is just a five-minute drive from my office. Though it was a Friday, we were able to find a table as soon as we arrived. We immediately informed the cashier that we are voucher holders. Our PHP500-worth of voucher was good for choice of one Burrito, Tres Quesadillas or Flautas + choice of one Ball Park Nachos or Nine-Layer Dip Nachos + two canned sodas.

Ironically, my husband HATES Mexican food. I don’t think he had the slightest idea that Ristras is a Mexican restaurant. So when he saw the menu board, he gave me “the look”. Patay na naman ako! I told him, “At least, cheap date! Huwag ka nang mag-inarte.”

We opted to get their famous Burrito and the Nine-Layer Dip Nachos. We were like third-grader students who were in a field trip as we watch the man behind the counter prepare our food. He started putting tons of tomatoes, onions, and anything that his hands can lay on in a plastic container.

We honestly thought that those are the stuff that would be put for our burrito. Kabadong-kabado si Boyet! Harharhar! It was served with nachos so we figured that it is the Nine-Layer Dip Nachos. Whewwww!!! Pasensya na, perstaymers! :p

DSC_1129 Nine-Layer Dip Nachos

I could not stop munching on the nachos! I enjoyed every bite as my mouth gets an explosion of different flavors. I had to restrain myself because we still have a burrito to ATTACK!

For the burrito, we were asked to choose the rice, meat and add-ons. I really can’t remember what Boyet chose for the rice. But I remember that we got the Carnitas and told the staff member to put everything for the add-ons. She told us that we could add PHP90 to have a wet burrito. They put loads of sauce and cheese, and then torch the burrito. We begged off thinking that it would be harder for us to finish the burrito.

DSC_1119 Burrito

The burrito was split in half making it perfect for hubby and I to share. I was so scared that he’d punch me in the face for making him eat it. (Ok, he’s not the type to punch me in the face. I was so scared that he wouldn’t help me wash the dishes for a year for making him eat a burrito.) I kept all my thoughts inside my head and waited him to say something. Surprisingly, he liked it! Yeyyyy!!! I agreed when he said that the meat is very juicy and tender too.

We had a very pleasant first time experience at Ristras. I do hope that I can still convince my husband to go back. I have to bribe him or something. :p

Ristras Mexican Grill
G/F Fairways Tower,
5th Ave cor McKinley Rd
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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  1. Gusto ko ng nachossssssss!!! Your blog is making me hungry ALWAYS!!

    1. Hahaha! Tara, dalawin mo ako sa The Fort! :p

  2. Haha, you really sound like a kalog person Jerellt and it also shows in how you tell your stories. I like some Mexican food, too, though I'm not a big fan. :)