Little Things

Published on November 09, 2012

Yeah, I listen to One Direction! Please don’t kill me!

One night while my husband was driving, I started singing “Baby you light up my world like nobody else!!!” He freaked out! He was surprised why I knew the song. Suffice to say, I introduced him to 1D. And yes, I bring out all the “coolness” in our married life.

And yesterday morning, he once again caught me singing another 1D song. With so much disbelief (and probably disgust), he asked me, “Ano ka, highschool?!” HAHAHAHA!!!

Last night, I introduced this song to my seatmate Joseph (a.k.a. Drigo Garchitorena). We couldn’t stop listening to it. That’s what cool office mates do after work! :p

Read the lyrics here. These boys (or at least the composers of the song) know how to melt a lady's heart. Because the truth is, we all want to have that someone who loves even the little, yucky, annoying things about us.

"You never want to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans. But you're perfect to me." Asawa ko yata nagsulat neto e! :p

Ang hindi kinilig, baduyyyyyyyyy!!! >:)

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