Dear McDonald’s

Published on August 06, 2012

I have to thank you for bringing back Twister Fries. I heard it will only last for three weeks. Though short, it’s better than nothing, which brings me to a very pressing question. I paid PHP59 for a half-empty box of Twister Fries. I can let this pass because I am willing to pay for more for as long as my craving is satisfied. While writing the previous sentence, I realized that this is your marketing strategy. Offering Twister Fries for a limited time will make the crowd go crazy over it. Now back to my concern. I don’t have a problem with the PHP59-worth of a half empty box of Twister Fries. But why is there a fry on my Twister Fries?

I felt so robbed! If I buy the cheaper French fries, should I be hoping for a surprise Twister fry? Nah, I don’t think so. I was so tempted to go back to the store and have that single, bland, pale fry be replaced with a real Twister Fry. But I don’t want to receive that “judging” look from your staff. Poor fry, it’s not his (I decided it’s a HE) fault that he’s so unwanted.

P.S. Nobody eats breakfast at 10 in the morning. More people crave for pancakes and Big Breakfast Meal at 4 in the afternoon. So why can’t you just serve your breakfast meals throughout the day?


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