Published on August 12, 2009

Kriska and Joie made a huge influence in my Havaianas addiction. I remember when I asked a favor from Kriska in purchasing a yellow-strapped havs sandals via Multiply. We both waited for months but nothing happened. Later on, she was able to buy a few pairs but I somehow lost my interest. When my interest came back, most stores don’t have my size.

And then just a few Saturdays ago while I was strolling in Greenbelt 5 with Boyet and Joie, we passed by an All Flip Flops store. I rummaged through the stacks looking for my size. There she was waving at me, pleading for me to get her. I was expecting Joie would also get a pair because she has been looking for a green one. But she didn’t. When I asked her why, she asked me back:

“Bibili ka ba ng tsinelas na 995?”

It made me wonder… for five seconds. But I couldn't resist her.

Yellow Sandals from Havaianas Php995

Do you know the problem now? I still haven’t worn her yet. She just got a breath of fresh air out of the box when I took this picture. Does this mean that I have overcome my addiction? Yipeee!!!

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