A Heartless Dinner

Just days after the nation mourned over the death of our beloved Corazon Aquino, we were all shocked by the extravagant dinner of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her entourage during her last state visit in USA. Much has been written about this issue. Some came running to her rescue. But aside from the $20,000 dinner at Le Cirque, I just read this morning as shared by Kriska that they also spent $15,000 for dinner three days earlier.

The debate here is whether this is right or wrong. Well, let me give my take on this.

1. People are asking how can you have such an expensive dinner the day after Cory Aquino passed away. Well, they certainly have a point. Not only because she is an ex-president and that she sacrificed a lot to bring back our democracy, but also because she is far way different from GMA, specifically in terms of spending. I remember during an interview on one of her former cabinet members. He said that Cory would stash cans of Ma-Ling, a brand of luncheon meat, during her state visits. Why? So she and probably the rest of her entourage can save money. Somebody also mentioned in one of the eulogies that she asked that person to represent her for a specific international event. When she asked why, Cory said “You are going anyway.” Another also mentioned that Cory once shouldered all the expenses when she had to bring one of her daughters to a state visit. I bet you all got my point. Hadn’t she died before the dinner, would I still say that it’s wrong? That would lead to my second point.

2. Where did the money come from? People are not dumb to give them the benefit of the doubt that the dinner was paid from her own pocket. If she is using the funds from the sweat and blood of ordinary people or in government terms is called TAX, then it is definitely wrong. But her allies came to the rescue saying that it is paid by a congressman. Wow! He is rich! I have been working for years but I don’t think I can have a million pesos, much more spend it on a dinner. So my question now is, how did that congressman get the money?

3. If and only if it was from the personal funds of the congressman, that is not a valid excuse. We call it sensitivity. How can you have the guts to spend a million pesos for a dinner while there are millions of people who cannot even have a decent meal in a day? You are called public servants for a reason. You are elected to be servants to your people. And as servants, you are expected to have a simple lifestyle.

I hate them. I am outraged with those people flashing their faces in TV interviews liberating this wrongdoing. Somebody said that there is no need to glamorize this thing. So the $20,000 dinner is not glamorous enough? Oh well, we should be all scared!

A senator said that this is not a big deal and that there are people who are spending more for their dinners. Sir, are they government officials? If they are, I challenge you to give us names.

Somebody also said that it was just a simple dinner and that reports are exaggerated. Ok, show us the receipt. :)

To all who are coming out in defense of this act, think twice. You have delusions that this is right. It may not be wrong, but it is definitely heartless.

The next time you decide to go on a spending spree, think of Mang Manuel and other Filipinos out there struggling to make a living. Just think, before you spend. And make sure that it’s not our money.


  1. Well said! Matakot na si Gloria pag ikaw ang prosecutor nya hehehe!

  2. @dianne, e ako nga di pa nakakatikim ng caviar! mga walang puso!

    @anonymous, alam kong si kuya gener ka hehe! anyway, i don't need to be a lawyer to know that they are abusing their powers. di ako bobo para mabilog nila ang ulo ko!


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