Kolokoy Household: Episode 86

Hello, guys! I hope YOU are still WITH ME despite my never-ending absence. The truth is I have a lot of stories that I’ve wanted to share to my very small community of readers, but LIFE always gets in the way. As of this writing, I’m taking some days off from work to do some sort of a MENTAL HEALTH RESET. (That probably deserves a separate post.) One of the things that I want to do while I’m taking a break is to find time to do the things that I used to enjoy doing but didn’t have the time because of all the madness surrounding my life. These include gardening, reading a book, and writing a blog. I just realized that I haven’t posted a Kolokoy Household post for more than a year, so here it is! =)

Tons of craziness coming from this little one in 3... 2... 1...


Back last year when Zayne was still new to online classes… 

Zayne: Nanay, panis na ako. Balik mo na ako sa ref.

I don’t know why she said that, so please don’t ask me why! Hahaha!


One time over dinner, we were explaining to Zayne that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is more transmissible that’s why we still can’t go out of the house.

Me: Hay, grabe ‘yung Delta. May Lambda na! Balak pa yata netong virus na ‘to na ubusin ang Greek alphabet at umabot ng Omega.
Zayne: What’s Omega, Nanay?
Me: It’s from the Greek alphabet, Anak. Hmm, paano ko ba explain ang Greek alphabet dito?
Tatay: Omega, Anak. Kapag natulog ka ngayon, paggising mo bukas, Omega na!
Me: Anak ka ng!!!


Zayne was looking for the remote control. She asked for my help, so I told her to check under the couch.

Zayne: I can’t see anything.
Me: Here. Use my phone’s flashlight.
Zayne: Ohhh. Here! I see something. It’s… it’s... Look! It’s a popcorn!
Me: Boyet, sabi ko magwalis ka kagabi e!!!


Zayne accidentally broke a glass. She started crying, but we assured her that it is okay because it was an accident. Tatay started sweeping the floor, but Zayne was still weeping.

Zayne (still crying): I’m scared!
Tatay: Why? I told you I’m not mad. It’s okay. 
Zayne: Baka kasi MABUGBOG ako.
Zayne: Ayun o! Broken glasses. Baka MABUGBOG ako!
Tatay: BUBOG, Anak! BUBOG! Hindi BUGBOG!!!


Zayne: Nanay! Why are you drinking water from my cup? Bakit wala kang sariling baso?
Me: E kasi ‘di ba wala kang ginawa kundi makabasag ng mga baso? Ilan na ba nabasag mo?! 
Zayne: E bakit ka po nagagalit? Sabi mo hindi ka galit kapag nakakabasag ako. TATLO!
Tatay: HAHAHAHAHA! O eto ha. Isang baso muna ang ilalabas ko para may lima pang nakatago. Kapag nakakita ka kasi ng bagong baso parang gusto mong basagin lahat agad.


During one of her virtual playdates...

Zayne: Tatay, can I also have a unicorn headset like Ate Bella and Ate Zoe?
Tatay: You have one.
Zayne: No, I don't.
Tatay: Wait, I'll get it.
Zayne: 😒


I gained a lot of weight after more than one year of working from home. As in A LOT OF WEIGHT. Haha!

Tatay: Tara, merienda.
Me: Ayokong kumain! Diet ako. Sabihin mo na naman mataba ako.
Tatay: Wala akong sinasabing mataba ka. Ikaw ang nagpipilit na mataba ka.
Zayne: Nanay, you are not fat. You’re just… ahhhmmm… THICK?!
Me: Huwawwwwwwwww!!!


Zayne already has a Filipino subject this year. She has always been fluent in Filipino, but she began to speak in English more when she started going to school last year. We then started to refresh her Filipino vocabulary. As usual, source of comedy na naman ang bagets!

Me: Zayne, ano sa Filipino ang NEW?
Zayne: That's easy. BAGOOOOO!
Me: How about OLD?


=== === ===

Me: Ano sa Filipino ang head?
Zayne: Ulo!
Me: Eyes?
Zayne: Mata!
Me: Back?
Zayne: Likod!
Me: Shoulders?
Zayne: Ohhh, I forgot!!!
Me: BA-LI…
Zayne: BA-LI-KOD! Balikod!
Me: Balikat, Anak! BALIKAT!!!

In case you still have time to spare, see more of Zayne’s wackiness on this vlog! =)


  1. Luh! Na-miss ko Kolokoy posts!!! Pero mas miss ko inaanak kong apaka arte!!!!!

    1. Sorry na. Alam mo namang curacha tayo at walang time masyado mag-blog. Huhu. Kakamiss yung dati na may scheduled posts pa tayong nalalaman! :p


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