Kolokoy Household: Episode 85

Hello, guys! I hope you all had a wonderful start of the year. Mine didn’t start out the way I hoped for with me paying the ER a visit two days before Christmas. My body has been through a lot since the start of 2019, so I was hoping to be healthier in 2020. I’m consciously working on this. Sabi ko nga sa mga friends ko, “Nagre-reset ako ng buong pagkatao ko ngayon!” Hihihi! Part of it is intentionally spending more time updating this blog. Writing has always been my outlet, and not having a form of “release” somehow contributed to my deteriorating health. I also found vlogging as therapeutic, and that greatly helped me when I started having anxiety attacks last year. Kaya eto, pinilit ko talagang mag-blog at vlog! And I honestly felt so “refreshed” after doing so. It has also been a while since I last posted a Kolokoy Household entry. Let’s have the first for 2020! :)


While Tatay and I were helping Zayne with her homework:

Me: Do you know what the yellow part of the egg is called?
Zayne: Nope. What?
Me: It's the egg yolk.
Zayne: How about the white one?
Tatay: It's the egg white.
Zayne: Nooo! It's called the SHELL!



For some odd reason, Zayne suddenly asked Mama to bring her dragon fruit. The next day, she asked me...

Zayne: Nanay, saan po galing ang dragon fruit? Sa dragon ba?!



One night over dinner, Zayne shared her business idea to us.

Zayne: Nanay, I'm gonna sell ice cream. You're gonna sell donuts. And then Tatay is gonna sell all of his Lego!
Me: What a brilliant idea!

Kaso lang naisip ko, e ako rin lahat halos nagregalo nun sa Tatay niya. HAHAHAHA!


People actually compliment us when they hear Zayne talk because she’s fluent in Filipino, but she’s also confident conversing in English. We always tell her to speak either in straight English or straight Filipino. Pero minsan, sumasablay pa rin. One night, Zayne ate a little too much that she ended throwing up a few minutes after.

Zayne: I’m sorry, Nanay.
Me: It’s ok, Zayne. Next time, you have to tell me or just go straight to the toilet.
Zayne: But I didn’t know I was gonna suka, so I made suka on the floor. Next time, I’ll go suka in the toilet.

Kris Aquino left the group.


A few weeks before our company’s Trick or Treat celebration, I asked Zayne what costume she wanted to wear. She came as Minnie Mouse in 2016. She missed it the following year because she was sick. And then in 2018, we just reused her Sheriff Callie costume from her first birthday party. We then started brainstorming one night.

Zayne: How about Elsa? Or Pinkie Pie?
Me: Hmmm, yeah ok. But everybody there will be a princess or a superhero. Let’s try to be different! Let’s check Google. Do you want to be a popcorn?
Zayne: Yesssss!!!
Me: Oh, this looks nice. How about a cupcake?
Zayne: I want to be a cupcake!
Me: Look, she’s a pizza!
Zayne: Nanay, ano kaya kung maging TAE na lang ako?!


She was really serious! Good thing she saw a cute girl in a hamburger costume!

Watch how Tatay meticulously made her costume! :)

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Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

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