Zayne's First Trick or Treat

I’ve been with my current company for almost five years. For years, when Halloween preparations begin, I would feel a mixed sense of excitement and sadness. Excitement, because, duh, candies! Hahaha! But trick or treat in the office served as a reminder of all of our failed attempts in conceiving a child. So this year, hindi ako excited. Hindi rin excited si Boyet. Nag-vacation leave lang kami pareho para sa trick or treat ni Zayne! Wakekekeke!!!

I exerted more effort in helping the team prepare for the decorations. Our Halloween theme was Pokemon. Kaya kahit si Pikachu lang ang kilala kong Pokemon, bongga ang gupit, design at pintura ko. ‘Yung pininturahan kong giant Pokemon, hindi ko siya kilala. Promise!!! Hahahaha!!! Inisip ko na lang, para ‘to sa ika-e-enjoy ng anak ko at sa cash prize kung sakaling manalo ang team namin sa contest! Nyahahaha!

I would have wanted to be that do-it-yourself momma and create a costume out of whatever I could lay my hands on, but I was too busy preparing for Zayne’s first birthday party. (And duh! I am not creative either. Sino ang niloko ko? Haha!) Since we were already making trips to Divisoria, I just bought a Minnie Mouse costume for Zayne.

Zayne fell asleep while we were on our way to the office. If you have kids, then you probably know how they are when their sleep has been interrupted. Most of her Titos and Titas were excited to meet her for the first time. Pero si Zayne, lakompake levelz siya. Lelzzzz!

zayne halloween (1)
Zayne: Bakit ang kalat sa office mo, Nanay?!

There were a lot of bigger kids running around the office. And since Zayne had just recently discovered her new superpower which is her ability to go from one point to another in just one millisecond, I decided to just place her along the “less busy” hallway. She actually didn’t mind at all. She was too busy “picking” the leaves! Pasimple pa ang ale e!

zayne halloween (2)

Jollibee also kept her busy! :p

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And she could not stop staring at her Ninang Mitch! Hahaha!

zayne halloween (3)
Zayne: Parang nakita ko na siya dati... 

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I was too paranoid that the bigger kids would step on her (Haha! Step talaga?!) so we were not able to take photos of the decorations. Nanalo pa naman kami ng 2nd place! :p But luckily, we were able to pose with the... uhmmm... box of tissue paper! Bwahahahaha!

*** Some of the photos were taken by my officemates, Joel and Roy.

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  1. Sayang di ko manlang nakita si Zayneeee!! Lintek kasing Philam elevator to!!! :) You are the cutest Minnie ever!!!! :)


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