Yoki's Farm (Mendez, Cavite)

Unlike last year when we threw a birthday party for Zayne, our little family decided to go to Tagaytay to celebrate her third birthday. My husband and I have been making a conscious effort to expose Zayne to nature. When you ask her where she wants to go on special occasions, she will either say beach or farm. We were supposed to go back to Laiya Coco Grove, but I found out it was closed for renovation. Good thing Zayne said YES when I asked her if she wanted to feed the bunnies just like what she did at Sta. Elena Fun Farm.

Yoki's Farm Mendez Cavite

Zayne’s birthday fell on a Thursday. We decided to spend it with our immediate family. We then drove to Tagaytay the following day. Although we weren’t expecting heavy traffic because it was a weekday, we still left the house around 7AM just to be sure. Ayun, badtrip tuloy ang bagets. Hahaha!

Our arrival was just perfect because I found out while we were paying the entrance fees that a school was having a field trip that day. We were very lucky that we got to do everything before large groups of kids started tailing us.

We got the Farm Activity Package for PHP500 per person. It includes farm admission, a farm guide and close encounters with the animals. Zayne was free of charge. If I’m not mistaken, farm admission alone costs PHP200 for adults and PHP150 for kids.

Although we were looking forward to have close encounters with the roaming animals, it was also a delight to see a lot of the caged ones. It was Zayne’s first time to see most of them. 

Yoki's Farm Birds

I saw at the reception that they sell fresh lettuce. I really wanted to buy (because samgyupsal is life in our home haha) but I wasn’t sure if it would last until the next day given that we would still be staying in Tagaytay overnight.

Yoki's Farm Lettuce

As explained by our guide, Yoki’s Farm grows lettuce (and other plants, I think?) through hydroponics. The farm has a large area dedicated to growing different kinds of lettuce alone. It is meticulously labeled with dates. I assumed they were the dates they were planted.

Zayne was excited to see ducks of different colors (see our vlog below). It was also her first time to see a zebra and an ostrich. Albeit scared at the beginning, she eventually enjoyed feeding them.

Yoki's Farm Zebra

This was our only photo during our visit.
Buti na lang nag-volunteer si Kuya na mag-picture for us. Umaambon that day kaya Haggardo Versoza kami!

She was also so excited to see the animals roaming around. It was so fun to hear a lot of MEHHHHH’s from a large group of goats. In case you plan of going here, skip the sandals, high heels and white sneakers. And make sure you look at where you’re going because this area is a “fertile” land, if you know what I mean. Hahaha! 

Zayne wasn’t as keen as she was with the zebra and ostrich when it was her turn to have a close encounter with the other animals. 

Yoki's Farm Zoo

She tried to keep her composure, but she ended up freaking out. Hahaha!

On the brighter side, Zayne spent a lot of time with the turtles. If you watch our vlog, you’ll notice how Zayne even tried to imitate the turtle’s eyes. Hihi!

Yoki's Farm Turtle

Apart from the plants and animals, Yoki’s Farm also houses other attractions like antiques and gigantic statues. 


Zayne was a bit disappointed because Yoki’s Farm didn’t have bunnies and guinea pigs. I promised her that she would be feeding them just like what she did at The Fun Farm, but I forgot to confirm it first with Yoki’s Farm. The receptionist told us that they have a couple of bunnies in quarantine. She told us that they would probably be ready on our next visit. Good thing Zayne got preoccupied when she saw the mini playground!

She initially wanted to go back and feed the zebra and ostrich, but she changed her mind when we passed by the playground. I told her that it’s a prohibited area because I saw a man cleaning it. I also saw that the swings are still wrapped in plastic. (The set still looks new.) Zayne was so ecstatic when our guide gave us the go signal to use it!

We called a few days before our visit to confirm if we needed a reservation. They said that we could just walk in. I’m not sure if it was because we came on a Friday. I suggest you call them beforehand in case you have plans of paying them a visit. We got their contact numbers from their Facebook page.

Check out our vlog to see more of Zayne’s birthday celebration and our trip to Yoki’s Farm. :)

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  1. Belated happy bday, Zayne!!! Looks like you had lots of fun during your visit to the farm. Daming animals, ah! Sayang walang bunnies and guinea pigs, hehe. Hope the farm owners add those animals soon. Anyway, be a good girl always ha and keep your parents happy and inspired! :)

  2. When I started seeing Zayne wearing the red Chucks... I started to feel so ooooollllld. Don't grow up so fast Zayne. I hope Zayne will be able to read your blog entries one day. :)

    1. Haha, grabe ka naman sa old! Pero malapit na nga kaliitan 'yung Chucks niya. Bilis nila talagang lumaki. :(


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