How My Husband Made Me Feel Less Guilty After I Shopped at Old Navy

Last week, I finally bought some clothes from Old Navy in Bonifacio High Street! I keep on complaining that my wardrobe is soooo outdated. My youngest pants were probably 5 years old. Apart from the nursing tops which I bought out of necessity, all of my newer shirts and blouses were gifts either from my mom or my younger brother. My heart is torn whether I would be happy with the fact that I didn’t gain weight after giving birth to Zayne. All of my clothes may be old, but I am at least saving a lot of money! Everybody close to me knows that I’m one helluva frugal human being. I guess my husband has gotten so pissed off with all of my whining because we always have conversations like this.

Me: Wala na akong damit.
Tatay: E ‘di bumili ka.
Me: Wala akong pera.
Also Me: Uyyyyyyy!!! SALE! Bagay ‘to kay Zayne!!!


I bet all mothers can relate to me! The thing is – I don’t even really splurge on Zayne’s clothes because most of the gifts she has been receiving are clothes. Zayne is also on the slimmer side so I get to “recycle” most of her clothes. The dresses she wore last year are now her tops. And because I know that kids grow up really fast, I only buy children’s clothes that are on SALE.

A few days ago while my husband and I were walking along High Street in BGC, I noticed a big SALE sign in Old Navy. I asked Boyet to check it out because Zayne finally outgrew her maong pants and shorts. Mej matagal din lumaki ‘yung junakis ko kaya tipid din sa damit. Haha! Anyway, I felt I won the lottery when I saw that the shorts and jeans were marked down to 30% and 40% respectively! Ironically, the pants still cost around PHP900. I absolutely didn’t mind buying it for Zayne, but it was something that I wasn’t willing to spend for myself. HAHAHAHA! Kaway kaway sa mga kurips Nanay! Pero binili ko na rin kasi 1) wala na siyang jeans and 2) malamang kupas na ang pants pero kasya pa rin sa kanya! :p The jeans she outgrew was also from Old Navy pero sulit na sulit sa kanya!

I was about to go to the counter when my husband asked me if I wanted to check out something for myself. As usual, I said, “NO!” He then pointed at the rack of pants with a big sign that says something like:

“NOW ONLY 695!” 

I wouldn’t dare look at the rack on ordinary days, but days prior, one of my pants happened to get stuck in something edgy. So mej hingalo levelz na talaga ang mga pantalon ko. Tapos binili ko sila nung nagbukas pa ang Uniqlo sa Pilipinas!!!

Almost all of my pants are the cropped pants from Uniqlo. ‘Yung cropped pants siya sa mannequin pero mukhang pants na sa height ko. Got the idea? That is the reason I stopped buying pants from other brands. This is why I was extremely surprised when I visually examined the pants at Old Navy, and they seem to perfectly fit my built.

I felt that something was weird. Zayne is almost 30 months old, but the clothes I got her were size 18-24 months. That’s when it hit me! I asked the saleslady, “Ate, kids po ba ‘to?!” She nodded! I realized that the tag that says 12 in the pants I was holding meant 12 YEARS OLD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Etong asawa ko, gatong din e. “Nay, dali! Ayun ang fitting room!!!” Akala niya aatras ako dahil pinagtatawanan niya ako. Nag-fit ako siyempre! Because, ‘yah know. KURIPS FOREVAH!!!

I’ve been buying clothes from the teens section, but I don’t remember the last time I bought something from the kids section! I was so happy with my new pants! The fit was perfect! Even the length was even sakto. I also bought a new dress. Size on the tag was… wait… 10-12! Wahahahaha!

I was looking for a dress like that for ages, but I had a hard time finding one that really fits me. While I was inside the fitting room, I knew that the dress was THE ONE! But despite the discount, I was not willing to pay a thousand bucks for it. My husband convinced me to go for it. Sobrang guilty ako. Pero sabi ng mokong, “Nay, bilhin mo na ‘yan! 10 years old ka pa lang, hinihintay ka na ng dress na ‘yan. 24 years na ang lumipas, nandito pa rin siya. Meant to be kayo!” I still refused, but he insisted by saying, “Bilhin mo na ‘yan! 8 years na lang, 10 years old na si Zayne! Magagamit na niya ‘yan!”


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