KDrama Review: While You Were Sleeping

I finished watching While You Were Sleeping a few weeks ago. I started it a day after I finished Doctor Stranger. It took me a while to give WYWS a try primarily because I don’t really like Bae Suzy. It’s not because she dated Lee Min-Ho. I’m not that shallow, duh! Hahaha! (Pero habang ine-air ang WYWS, kinakabahan ako kasi baka jowain niya si Lee Jong-Suk! Hahaha!) Hindi ko lang talaga masyadong bet si Ateng. I watched a few clips from one of her older dramas while I was eating in a Korean restaurant, and I found her acting really cringe-worthy. Sorry sa mga fans ni Bae Suzy, pero babawi ako by the end of this review. Hihi. Anyway, I still gave this drama a go because of my pure love for Lee Jong-Suk. HAHAHAHA!

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I didn’t read any reviews before I started watching While You Were Sleeping so I had no idea what the plot was about. But because I have been watching quite a lot of LJS dramas, I already prepared myself for a mind-boggling story line which is usual for a Lee Jong-Suk project. Pero buti na lang hindi masyadong ubusan ng brain cells gaya ng sa W – Two Worlds!

The first episode gave me a very good overview of what to expect from the entirety of the series. If Doctor Stranger is a medical drama with hints of romance, politics, action, espionage, suspense and even comedy, While You Were Sleeping is a criminal drama with hints of romance, action, suspense, comedy and fantasy.

Bae Suzy plays Hong-Joo, a woman who has the ability to foresee the future in her dreams. More often than not, her dreams are morbid as she predicts other people’s deaths. She has spent years trying to prevent bad things from happening but to no avail. Her life was intertwined with a prosecutor - Jae-Chan (Lee Jong-Suk) and a policeman - Woo-Tak (Jung Hae-In). An unexpected incident brought them together, and the trio then starts to solve crimes and even prevents them from happening.

I find LJS’s portrayal of a not-so-smart rookie prosecutor quite hilarious. Hindi na nga siya masyadong bright, ang GGSS pa niya! Mej unfair lang kasi kahit shungakers siya, ang cute pa rin niya. Hahahaha! #AngLandeeeee Even if the plot of While You While Sleeping is not as complex as that of W and Doctor Stranger, I still believe that Lee Jong-Suk showcased his versatility. He was funny when needed, but he showed his vulnerability as called by the story. Tapos may slight action scenes pa. Sankapa?!

I was initially hoping that I would at least be able to tolerate Bae Suzy. The only reason I was convinced to watch While You Were Sleeping was my pure love for Lee Jong-Suk. Naisip ko baka dahil kay LJS e mapagtiyagaan ko naman si Suzy Girl. Hahaha! But I was very surprised that I actually enjoyed her portrayal of Hong-Joo. I was shocked that I didn’t get irritated when she was trying to play quirky and flirty. Ang dami niyang kinda OA slash feelingera slash GGSS scenes which I seriously found amusing. Ang dami kong tawa dun sa kukuha siya ng panyo na halos mabali na ang leeg at balakang niya sa kaartehan! I’m pretty sure that those who’ve seen this drama know what I’m talking about. So ayun, na-enjoy ko talaga ang While You Were Sleeping kahit hindi ko bet si Bae Suzy prior to watching this drama.

I said in my past KDrama reviews that a love triangle is effective if it makes the viewers confused. That’s exactly what Jung Hae-In did. I mean, I didn’t want Woo-Tak to end up with Hong-Jo simply because… para lang siya sa’kin! Cheret! Hahaha! Seriously, Jung Hae-In is so adorable in this drama! He was so effective in playing an intelligent and snappy policeman. His eyes radiate a mysterious vibe which was needed in his portrayal of Woo-Tak. The first thing I did after I finished watching While You Were Sleeping was check asianwiki.com and put Something in the Rain in my watch list!

I liked the performance of Lee Sang-Yeob as the main antagonist. I loved the buildup on the darkness in his character. He started as a troubled teenager who turned into an ambitious lawyer. That ambition slowly ate him and made him do horrible things just to cover up his past wrongdoings and protect his reputation. I liked that his being kontrabida involved wits and strategies to conceal his crimes. He played around the law until the very end.

While You Were Sleeping has a very good story line. If I’m not mistaken there are 4 or 5 “crimes” that the trio helped to solve. These subplots were perfectly weaved into the major plot. The writers used occasional non-linear way of storytelling which I really enjoyed. Pacing is quite fast, and the transitions from the varying subplots were so seamless. This is why despite the fact that While You Were Sleeping is not as complex as W, I still compare watching it to a roller coaster ride. Though some parts were quite predictable, there were a few times when I thought that I had something figured out, but it turns out that I was mistaken.

There were a lot of funny moments. Kilig was fine. May mga action scenes pero unbelievable ‘yung iba. Harharhar, ang patola ko! The usual mental maneuvers from a Lee Jong-Suk drama is very evident. Plus, there were a lot of heart-warming scenes! ‘Yung mga tatay ng mga bida tapos si Mr. Choi ay HUHUHUBELLES! 

Again, it was a little different from the other Lee Jong-Suk dramas, but I still enjoyed it. I think it helped a lot that 1) I didn’t read any reviews and that 2) I hated Bae Suzy before I started watching While You Were Sleeping because these somehow managed my expectations. Akala ko kasi talaga hindi ko magugustuhan, pero keribels na rin. 

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