Kolokoy Household: Episode 77

Hello, my dear readers! Just so ‘yah know, I’m still alive! Medyo nilamon lang ng trabaho at pagiging nanay, pero humihinga pa naman. It’s just that I’m currently working on a big project at work. Our family was hit by a flu virus during the latter part of October. Plus, Zayne turned two years old this month. Baka October 2018 ko pa ma-blog ang second birthday niya kaya eto muna ang patikim na picture. :p

zayne turns two

Boyet also celebrated his birthday last week. Saying that I have been very busy is a big understatement! I really don’t have the luxury of time to blog. Gaano kalala ang backlogs ko? Lumabas na sa Facebook memories ko ang Bacolod trip namin last year. Wala pa ako sa kalahati ng naba-blog ko about that trip. Malamang magkalimutan na lang e. Hihihi! So anyway, madalas naman Kolokoy Household ang pambawi ko sa inyo e. At mukhang effective naman kasi hindi niyo pa rin ako iniiwan. GROUP HUG, GUYS!!!


I think my husband and I may have found the balance with Zayne’s screen time. Zayne’s pediatrician was so surprised that she can now converse in sentences when a two-year-old child is only expected to speak two words at a time. Apart from the fact that we don’t use “baby talk” with Zayne, keeping her supervised while she watches YouTube is also a big factor.

Zayne is into watching those unboxing/egg surprise videos on YouTube. She refers to it as OPEN OPEN. She actually loves to make her “own” egg surprise videos just like this one.

Zayne surprises us every day as her vocabulary continuously expands! AWESOME! SUPER COOL! VERY NICE! Last month, gulat na gulat ako sa paggamit niya ng word na SQUISHY!

Zayne (while latched to me, started massaging my tummy): Nanay! Your tummy is SQUISHY!!!

Muntik ko ng sapakin e! 


There was this one time when she was eating her favorite bitsuelas. Ang bisyo niya, bubuksan niya muna ‘yung bitsuelas, tapos unang kakainin yung mga buto.

Zayne: Wow! What‘s inside? Let‘s see. OPEN OPEN OPEN! It‘s BUTO!



I lead our family prayer every night. After our usual prayer, I let Zayne “talk” to Papa Jesus. She usually says THANK YOU and asks for whatever she wants to have. Ang babaw ng kaligayahan ng anak ko. She asks for the most random stuff – apple, banana, ubas, rice and fish! But there was this one time when we could not help but laugh while we were praying!

Me: You talk to Papa Jesus.
Zayne: Papa Sisus (Jesus), give Zayne apple, banana, ubas, rice, fish, mamam, ponkan, PATIS!


I use salt sparingly. Kaya ‘yung yaya ni Zayne, madalas mag-patis! =))


After she did something wrong...

Zayne: Nanay, Zayne pisawol.
Me: What?
Zayne: Zayne, pisawol.
Me: Huh?!
Zayne: Pisawol!
Me: Ah, okay! Sige, you face the wall!!!

Proactive e! 😂😂😂


Ang linaw ng mata ni Zayne sa ipis! Kahit baby ipis, nakikita niya. At kapag nakita niya, required kami na patayin! So one time…

Zayne: Nanay!!! Ipis!!!

I killed the cockroach using my ever-reliable tsinelas!

Me: Mmmmmm! Patay na!
Zayne: BOOM PANES!!!

WTH?! =))


Zayne is now trained to pack away her toys. When she wants to play a specific toy, she makes sure that she puts back whatever she was playing with. But there was this one time when she threw a Lego block under the couch. Papa was trying to get it.

Papa: Hay naku, Zayne. Hindi abot ni Papa.
Papa: Hindi ba sabi ko bawal magtapon ng toys? Paluin na kaya kita?
Zayne: Naku! Palo si Zayne… PATAY!!!



One night as I was looking at my phone, Zayne suddenly bumped my head with hers!

Me: Hey, Zayne! That’s ouchie! Why did you do that?
Zayne: Gaya Nanay Tatay!
Me: What?

Zayne did it again!

Me: Zayne, that’s bad!
Zayne: Gaya Nanay Tatay.
Me: Huh?!
Zayne (while pointing at my phone): ‘Yan o!

Efren+Jerellt Wedding-1256

I realized that I was proofreading my entry for Nuffnang’s Del Forever Blog Contest!

Ay oo nga pala. Nanalo ako ng second place! Amberihapi!!! Hihi =)

Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

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