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And so I’m finally blogging our Bacolod trip once again! Hahahahaha! I know, I know. This one is almost a year too late. You’ll understand what I’m talking about when you see Zayne’s photos below. What has happened to my blogging schedule, eh?!

Anyway, I mentioned in my earlier Bacolod posts that we really went there to eat. As in pampatay-gutom talaga ang itinerary namin. But because we needed to do “something” in between meals, we decided to really come up with a decent travel plan. Hahaha! We went to The Ruins after having breakfast at El Ideal Bakery. (See? I told you we needed “something” to do in between meals! Hahaha!)

When we were researching for this trip, other travelers suggested that the best times to go to The Ruins are either early morning or at night. We had two toddlers in tow so we settled with the first option. I’ve seen from blogs how majestic the place is at night, but I cannot deny the fact that it is just as beautiful during the day!

the ruins bacolod (10)

the ruins bacolod (12)

I have three Ilonggo teammates. When they asked me where we planned to go for our Bacolod trip, the first thing I mentioned was The Ruins. They all gave me a big sigh with matching face palm. With their Ilonggo accent, they said things like:

“Marami pang ibubuga ang Bacolod!”
“Hindi ko maintindihan ang mga taga-Maynila bakit The Ruins ang dinadayo sa Bacolod.”

I understood where they were coming from. Ganun din naman tayong mga taga-Maynila kapag may mga taga-probinsiya na gandang-ganda sa Luneta, ‘di ba? But then I realized that there is something really different when you set foot at The Ruins. I initially thought it must be the rich history behind the place. Kaso naalala ko, may Intramuros din naman tayo sa Manila. Pareho lang naman silang sira-sira. I only understood what made The Ruins special when I read the story behind it. I guess the place appealed to the romantic side of me. Maganda naman kasi talaga siya tapos iba ang simoy ng hangin! Ang nega lang netong mga Ilonggo teammates ko e. :p

the ruins bacolod (11)
Super amazed ako dito sa trick na ‘to! Hahahaha!

the ruins bacolod (1)

I will not bore you with history lessons, so let me just share with you some of my favorite photos. I only used my trusted mobile phone because I was not able to bring my DSLR camera.

the ruins bacolod (6)
Nasa kasagsagan pa siya ng GIGIL phase niya! :p

the ruins bacolod (7)
When Tatay asks her, “Paano si Nanay sa picture?” 

the ruins bacolod (8)
Please be this tiny again. Please!!!

the ruins bacolod (5)

the ruins bacolod (4)
Mukhang ganito sila in the future kapag nahuli namin na na-late sa curfew! :p

the ruins bacolod (3)
Family picture sana e...

the ruins bacolod (2)
Ayun, nakahalata rin si Kakay! :p

the ruins bacolod (9)

We rented a van to pick us up at the airport and tour us around during our stay. If I am not mistaken, travel was more or less half an hour from El Ideal Bakery. Hindi rin pala ako sure kasi bangenge ako from our 4AM flight! Bwahahahaha!

After ng The Ruins, nag-lunch na kami! 
Joke lang!
After ng The Ruins, nagpunta kami sa 1 museum, tapos nag-lunch na kami!

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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