Kolokoy Household: Episode 74

Hello, guys!!! I do hope you are enjoying your long weekend! I have been seeing a lot of out-of-town photos in my timeline. Me? Here I am, working since Saturday to meet some deadlines at work! Hihihi! #ModelEmploye ang peg ko! I planned to catch up on my backlogs so I would have at least some scheduled blog posts this week, but I wasn’t able to do so because I was working from home since Saturday. Please, please, please stay with me here in my little online community. Kailangan ko rin kasi ng pambayad sa bills kaya hindi ko pwedeng pabayaan ang work ko. Hahaha! So allow me to somehow make up for my absence through a Kolokoy Household post. Sana lang hindi ang post na ‘to ang maging last straw niyo para tuluyan niyo akong layasan! Hihihi!


We don’t allow Zayne to use gadgets, but we watch YouTube videos with her. Zayne loves Hi-5! One day, Zayne discovered the old seasons of Hi-5!

Zayne: Ayaw ‘yan. Luma lang.
Boyet: Ano ‘yang pinapanood niyo?
Me: Season 1 ng Hi-5. E gusto ni Zayne luma lang daw e.
Boyet: Ang labo na!
Me: Meron dito Tay si Kathleen de Leon. Ang alam ko Pinay din ‘to e.
Boyet: Ah, oo. Si Kathleen! Kilala ko ‘yan e.
Me: Ows?
Boyet: Oo, kilala ko ‘yan! Kahit nga ‘yung tambay diyan sa kanto kilala siya e.
Me: Huh?
Boyet: Si Kat e!

Hindi lang kami talaga pwedeng magmura sa harap ni Zayne e! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Zayne, at 21 months old, is now at the stage wherein her sense of humor is slowly developing. This scares me a lot! My mom often tells me, “Grabe ‘yang anak mo kung alaskahin ako! Manang-mana sa Tatay niya e!”


Mama: Bye, Zayne. Kiss mo na si Mama.
Mama: Do you love Mama?
Mama: Do you love Mama?
Mama: Ay ganyan ka ha. Sige, hindi na ako pupunta dito bukas. Wala na mag-aalaga sa’yo.
Zayne: Joke lang! Mwah, mwah, mwah!


Zayne keeps on saying, “Nanay lang. Nanay only!” But she changes her tune during bath time! Nakakapaglaro kasi sila ni Boyet kapag ligo time na kaya nagiging, Tatay lang. Tatay only!” 

Me: Tara, Zayne, ligo na tayo.
Zayne: Tatay lang.
Me: Nanay naman.
Zayne: Tatay only!
Me: O sige. Tatay only ha. Mamaya kapag dede time na, Tatay only pa rin ha. Kay tatay ka humingi ng dede.
Boyet: Halika na. Ligo na tayo!
Zayne: Nanay lang! Nanay only!!!

zayne (1)

zayne (2)


For a time, Zayne would always deny that she pooped. Kahit amoy na amoy na sa lahat ng sulok ng bahay namin, she would still say NO when asked if she pooped. We kept on telling her that it’s bad to tell a lie. Gumagana naman, in fairness. Sumobra nga lang…

Me: Zayne, did you poop?
Zayne: Utot lang.


I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding Zayne for 21 months. For 21 months, I would complain to Boyet once in a while how painful it sometimes gets. My husband would then “threaten” me by suggesting that we give Zayne formula milk instead. He knows that I want to breastfeed Zayne as long as my body permits it that’s why he’s confident that I would not give in to his “suggestion”. But for the past few days, Zayne latches almost the entire night. And because she’s already big, the force of her sucking gets painful at times. I told Boyet yesterday that I feel really sore. Pagod na pagod pa ako dahil sa work.

Zayne: Nanay, dede!
Me: Kakadede mo lang, anak?!
Boyet: Padedehin mo na.
Me: Ang sakit sakit na ng dede ko.
Boyet: O sige, huwag mo padedehin. I-formula na natin ‘yan!
Me: O sige. Ikaw bumili ng formula ha!
Boyet: Anak. Lika dito! Kay Tatay ka muna dumede ha…



Zayne still believes that kisses can magically take away all our ouchies away. One time, I had this big pimple on my forehead. Zayne noticed it.

Zayne: Ouchie, nanay?
Me: Yes, it’s ouchie.
Zayne: Kiss?
Me: Sige nga, kiss Nanay’s ouchie, please
Zayne: MWAH!
Boyet: Ang daya! Si Nanay lang?
Zayne (started kissing Boyet’s entire face): MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! MWAH!
Me: Hahahahahaha!!!
Boyet: Loko tong anak mo ha!
Me: Hila-hilamos din kasi ‘pag may time!

Enjoy the rest of the week! =)

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