Restaurant Review: Project Pie at Bonifacio Global City

I can’t remember how many times I planned to go to Project Pie in Alabang every time my husband and I go there for a staycation. We never got the chance to try it out because we always ended up staying in our hotel room. Other branches of Project Pie are too far from my very secluded cave. Fortunately, my new office is just a cartwheel away from their newly-opened BGC branch. It took me years before finally understanding what the Project Pie hype was all about! Shocks, hindi na ako loser! Harharharhar!

My husband and I had dinner at their BGC branch on a Monday evening. We were planning to go to a different restaurant because my husband is not really a big fan of pizza. (Pfffft! IKR?!) Luck was on my side that night because it started to rain so hard, and Project Pie was the most accessible restaurant from my office. Thank you, Goddess of Pizza!!!

I remember having a chat with some of my teammates the week that Project Pie opened. One teammate told the group that she didn’t enjoy her PP experience. The other one raved about PP and told the group that it’s sulit. With these in mind, I managed my expectations.

There were only a few diners when Boyet and I arrived. We were immediately greeted by a very jolly staff member. She asked us whether it was our first time. We nodded, and she started to explain to us the different choices from their menu. I didn’t know that apart from pizza, you can also build your own pasta and salad at Project Pie!

project pie
9-inch Pizza PHP299
The finished product looked yucky, but it was really yummy! (Wow! That rhymed! Hahahaha!) 

I saw that the other crusts in line were being spread with a red base, so I decided to have a white base for our pizza. I’m eccentric like that! Hahaha! I also asked for feta, ricotta and mozzarella. I skipped Parmesan because I knew that it would be a little sharp to our palates.

I wanted to put everything in our pizza, but my husband requested to exclude broccoli, anchovies, rosemary and jalapeños. I was begging for jalapeños to be included, but he firmly said NO. To compromise, he allowed me to include olives (which he also dislikes big time). As my form of revenge, I intentionally excluded tuna. I wanted him to feel how hard it is for me to let go of jalapeños! But I’m glad we both agreed that pineapples are not welcomed in our pizza! Hihihi! :p

project pie bgc (2)

I was initially hesitant to include artichokes, but it turned out really well. The artichokes have a lemony taste which somehow perfectly blended with the hint of sweetness of the corn and the briny taste of the olives. I also liked the “surprise” when I bite into basil and cilantro. I also liked the fact that the crust is so thin which paved the way for my taste buds to fully enjoy the varying flavors of the toppings.

We also got to try to build our own pasta. We went minimalistic with red sauce and bacon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blown away by it. The pasta was overcooked, and the taste was just so-so.

project pie bgc (3)
Pasta PHP199

Overall, my husband and I enjoyed our Project Pie experience. I loved the pizza so it was so easy for me to forgive them for the not-so-good pasta. Plus, the entire staff was so pleasant and helpful.

If I can just nitpick, I think it would have been better if they provide a sheet of paper that looks like some sort of a checklist so diners have the option to just give it to the staff members who create the pizza. We were the first in line, but a large group started to line behind us. Mej nahiya ako na nag-adjust sila for us! Hahaha! The music was quite loud at that time so the server and I had a hard time talking to each other. Ayun lang naman. :)

I’m definitely coming back. I think I have to go back to try their salad and chicken wings. Nainggit din ako when I saw the diners behind us eating smores pizza!!! :p

Project Pie
Ground Floor, W City Center
7th Avenue corner 30th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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