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I cannot stress enough how online shopping has been saving my sanity ever since I became a mother. I’ve already tried shopping almost everything online, from Zayne’s diapers to some of our household needs. I was already contemplating on buying some things for myself, but I had to postpone it countless of times because of my very tight schedule. My office is just a cartwheel away from a mall in BGC, but my workload just won’t allow me to breathe some fresh air. (LABADA LEVEL: LAUNDRY SHOP NA NAKA 50% OFF BACK-TO-SCHOOL PROMO #SobrangModelEmployee)

I wanted to buy a lipstick online because my current shade is already running out. I kept on making excuses, telling myself that I still have a spare lipstick that I can use. The problem is that my backup lipstick is my do-not-mess-with-this-stressed-out-and-sleep-deprived-mother kind of bloody red shade. Haha! Good thing that our friends from BeautyMNL invited me to share with you my online shopping experience. It didn’t take me long to say YES because 1) I’ve already tried purchasing from BeautyMNL a few times before, and 2) I don’t want to lose valued relationships when I start using my bloody red lipstick on a daily basis! Hahahaha!

beautymnl haul
My BeautyMNL Haul

I’m loving Maybelline’s Touch of Spice! My everyday lipstick is too sweet, while my backup shade is too fierce. This one is in the middle. I’ve been using BB cream for my face for years. Although I stay in an air-conditioned office for hours, my face gets really oily especially when I get so stressed (which happens very often). I hope the Shiseido pressed powder I got can help me. I also finally got an eyebrow brush because I am getting so tired talking to a couple of my misbehaving eyebrow strands, begging for them to stay still. And oh, a face mask from Innisfree!!! (Crayons and book belong to my baby daughter. Hihi!)

BeautyMNL has a wide range of products to choose from. But BeautyMNL made sure that busy shoppers like me can navigate their website with ease. You can filter the products by kind, by brand or by price range. (Price range, ehem ehem! Kuripot moms, raise your hands! Haha!) It’s ideal for busy people who no longer need to go from one place to another just to scout different beauty products.

They offer next day delivery to Metro Manila addresses and 5 to 7 working days for the rest of the Philippines. I placed my order around 10 AM on a Thursday, and I got the parcel before lunch time the following day! Super tipid sa time at pamasahe! Just click here and click there, and the products get delivered to you. And the most important thing is that I no longer need to cartwheel my way to the nearest mall on a work day just to buy my lippie! Model Employee pa rin ako! Cheret! :p


I still consider myself a noob when it comes to beauty products. That is why it’s a bit tricky (and also risky) for me to buy something online without actually trying it out. Fortunately, BeautyMNL got everything covered. They provide ample descriptions of the products. They offer guides to help clueless women like me. You’ll find useful reviews and feedback from other BeautyMNL shoppers when you view a specific product.

They also have a separate tab that leads you to thousands of reviews. In here, shoppers can find the BEST RATED products which will surely help them with their BeautyMNL experience.

beautymnl reviews

And because BeautyMNL loves to spoil their shoppers, you can also browse through Bloom, their in-house magazine. You’ll get to read tips and reviews and even watch tutorials from beauty experts!

beautymnl bloom

Before I forget, please do not be deceived by my title. BeautyMNL is not only for mothers! And it is definitely not only for women! With Bloom and countless of reviews housed in their website, I’m pretty sure that a boyfriend/husband will have all the help he needs when he decides to buy something for his girlfriend/wife/sister/mother. Donchathink?! :)

So, what is your latest beauty find? Any tips for a clueless, busy working mom like me? :)

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