Nanay Kolokoy Picks: Breastfeeding Essentials from Seve's Mom

I promised myself that I would breastfeed Zayne for as long as my body permits it. Apart from proper diet, joining support groups and countless of nights spent reading breastfeeding materials, I also made sure that I “invested” on my breastfeeding “tools”. Now, I am sharing with you two of my favorites from Seve’s Mom - the nursing infinity scarf and cloth nursing pads!

I was about to give birth when I discovered the Instagram page of Seve’s Mom. Online shopping is every mother’s best friend. (Hey, fellow mommas, back me up here! Hahaha!) But it can also be a source of torture! Pinusuan ko na yata lahat ng prints ng infinity scarf nila last year! I initially bought one scarf and a set of nursing pads. I loved their products so much that I ended up buying two more scarves and another set of nursing pads! Believe it or not, I really want to have more scarves. Up until this very moment, I salivate over their new prints, and I find it so hard to convince myself that I don’t need more scarves. (But I think I really do! Hahahaha!) I’ll tell you why.

Okay, first, don’t get me wrong. I’m supportive of normalizing breastfeeding. I firmly believe that mothers should not be shamed for feeding their babies in public. My baby’s needs and comfort should be the utmost priority and not conforming into a society that’s so misinformed and misguided for humiliating mothers who breastfeed in public. That is why I’m so thankful for the versatility of the nursing scarf from Seve’s Mom.

Unlike other nursing covers wherein the baby’s body is entirely covered, this infinity scarf gives moms more options. When Zayne was less than three months old, she still allowed me to cover her entire body when she’s nursing. She also gets cold very easily so my scarf also served as her blanket. (I told yah, it’s versatile!) She was still a bit forgiving when she was around three months old. We would play peek-a-boo under the scarf. But she started hating it when she became more active and observant of her surroundings. For all of my single readers out there, I’ll give you a free BREASTFEEDING 101. The first thing you need to know is this: Never ever mess up with a hungry baby. If the baby wants to feed, you give a boob right away. If the baby refuses a cover, throw away the cover. All hell breaks loose if you don’t comply. That’s why when Zayne started getting irritated with the cover, I started doing this.

seves mom infinity scarf

The photo above was taken when Zayne was about to turn 13 months old. I get the coverage that I need, and Zayne is not bothered at all by the scarf. I treat breastfeeding as my greatest way to bond with my daughter. I love that I can still see her face, hold her tiny hands and tickle her toes when she is nursing because she is still very much “accessible” when we are using the infinity scarf.

Comfort is also another thing. Zayne usually nurses for at least 20 minutes when we’re outside so I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it would be for her being completely enclosed in a nursing cover. Twenty minutes of not being able to move and see anything is definitely a living hell for my hyperactive baby! Believe me! At sobrang pawisin niya rin kasi! That’s another thing I like about this product. Two out of three of my infinity scarves are made of cotton so Zayne is not being soaked in her own sweat when we use the scarf. Presko pa rin!

seves mom infinity scarf (2)
These are the scarves I bought from Seve’s Mom. Photos were taken by Seve’s Mom. Each scarf costs around PHP400. 

The infinity scarf is serving me really well. I don’t need to scan and unpack my entire diaper bag when I need the scarf because I can just wrap it around my neck. When Zayne still allows us to place her in a stroller, then I would just hang my scarf around the handle! Haha! I also use it as a cover when I express milk in the office. And when it gets a bit too cold, then I just wrap it around myself. I used to bring a jacket in the office. I stopped bringing one ever since I started using my scarf! My gray scarf is made of spandex so I usually bring it in the office to serve as my nursing cover slash jacket slash pang-cover ng bilbil. Hihi! :p

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Spot the infinity scarf!

A photo posted by Jerellt Abenoja-Andrade (@dahwanderer) on
Notice the infinity scarf wrapped around my neck. This was taken during our recent trip to Bacolod. Sorry, I did not realize that I packed a printed scarf. I am not sure if it went well with my striped top. Print over prints! Hahaha! :p

The cloth nursing pads from Seve’s Mom are lifesavers. Using disposable nursing pads never crossed my mind. It’s pricey and definitely not eco-friendly. I initially thought that I didn’t need nursing pads, but because I had issues with oversupply, then the cloth pads from Seve’s Mom definitely came in handy. Maygulay! I remember the very few days that I tried going out of the house without the nursing pads! I was leaking nonstop! Kakahiya! Haha! When I came back to work from my maternity leave, I made sure that I had at least an extra pair of nursing pads in my bag. Yes, I still leaked, but I never experienced getting stains on my top when I’m wearing the nursing pads from Seve’s Mom. I still use the nursing pads now that Zayne is already 13 months old. Can you imagine how much I would have contributed to this planet’s waste had I opted to use disposable nursing pads?! =)) And in case you are wondering, the cloth nursing pads are still in very good condition!

Apart from the quality of their products, I also highly recommend Seve’s Mom because of their exemplary customer service. I went back to our old email thread while I was writing this post, and I just noticed that Kia and I have more than 40 email exchanges. I bombarded her with tons of questions regarding the design, price and shipping details. I was about to give birth so I was probably cramming at that time. I also made another transaction a few days after I gave birth. Ang gulo ko siguro kausap at that time! Hahaha! But Kia patiently answered all my questions. I also remember that Kia gave me an extra pair of nursing pads because I had to settle with another color that wasn’t my initial choice.

This is not a sponsored post, people. I am not compensated in any way for this review. I just really like my scarves and nursing pads soooo much! I follow Seve’s Mom on Instagram, and I’m still crushing over the new prints of their infinity scarves! If you want to give me something for Christmas, then *wink wink* =))

Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages, and you’ll definitely understand where I’m coming from. Haha!

P.S. You can actually buy the scarves even if you are not breastfeeding. You can use it to hype up a plain top. Perfect for #ootd haha! :p

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