Zayne's Eleventh Month

I often find myself on the verge of crying for so many different reasons. My heart is overflowing with joy because Zayne is growing up to be the kind of child I’ve always prayed for – happy, smart and kind-hearted. But my mommy heart is breaking into tiny pieces because I can’t cope up with time! Here I am, blogging about her 11th month a couple of days before her first birthday! Give me Piper Halliwell's power so I can freeze time!!!

Zayne was feeling a bit under the weather on her 11th month birthday. She had runny nose which explains her gloomy eyes and pambahay outfit. I’m just thankful that she has a better immune system than me. Sipon sipon lang ang sakit niya. 

She was also wearing a beanie handed down to her by her cousin, Ate Zoe. Zayne wouldn’t let it go since she saw it. Haha!

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Her Ninang Joie definitely made up for missing to make her a cake on her 10th month birthday. Joie made this mouth-watering chocolate cake topped with different kinds of chocolates! Grabe! I died and went to chocolate heaven after my first bite of the cake. :p

When Zayne reached her 10th month, she discovered that she has the power to walk endlessly! She just won’t stop walking! She walks inside our house. She walks within our neighborhood every morning. She walks when we go to the mall. She walks like a zombie as soon as she wakes up! People are often surprised when they find out that she’s not even one year old! And they are more amused when she starts showing off her tricks! Haha!

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She already knows some parts of the body – head, nose and tongue. But now at almost one year old, she can point at her eyes, ears, hair, stomach and armpit! Yes, armpit! She would raise both of her hands when you ask her!

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She has mastered saying hi, bye, high five and flying kiss – complete with the right hand movements! Well, except for flying kiss because she still uses the back of her hands instead of placing her palm directly on her lips. Nanay Inday, our trusted babysitter, told her once that her palms are dirty so she should not put it in her mouth. It makes sense, right?! Haha!

She learned to clap her hands when she was approaching her 9th month, but it was the quiet clap. Imagine how happy she was when she was able to produce sound when clapping her hands! She even claps her hands while sleeping!

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She has also learned to associate things based from their use. She points the remote control of the TV or the AC, and she puts the mobile phone NEAR her ear. Ok, fine. Hindi masyadong NEAR her ear! :p

She loves seeing animals – whether it’s our neighbor’s dog, a stray cat or an elephant from Animal Planet, she’ll giggle right away. She also loves it when I read books to her. She loves it as much as flipping the pages of her board books by herself.

She also sings and dances all the time. She loves the opening songs of Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, the birthday song from Disney Junior and almost all the songs from Hi-5! (Pero medyo OA levelz siya sa WOW, L.O.V.E. at Robot Number 1! Hume-headbang pa ang lola e!)

Every night, I pray to be able to guide and nurture Zayne so she’ll turn out to be a disciplined child. For some odd reason, our parenting skills were put to a test right away. As soon as Zayne reached her tenth month, she started going (very) near the television. Whoever was taking care of her would complain the same thing. They would carry her farther, but she would just go right in front of the television after a few seconds. When I already had enough, I decided to turn off the TV one night after she kept on ignoring me. She cried, of course. I then explained to her that I would not be turning the TV back on until she promised me that she would sit farther away from the TV.

She cried even harder!!!

I was already losing my cool because I honestly didn’t have a single clue whether she was getting my message. I gave her the remote control, and I told her, “Zayne, here’s the remote control. If you still want to watch TV, give it to Nanay so I’ll turn it on for you. But you have to sit here beside me.” Still sobbing, she handed me the remote control. I turned the TV on, and Zayne quietly sat on my lap for two consecutive Disney Junior shows! She lasted an hour! I told my parents and our babysitter, and they’ve been doing the same trick up until today!

She also knows parts of her nightly prayer. In the name of the Father at Amen pa nga lang ang alam niya! Hahaha! :p

My husband and I also feel so grateful for being blessed with a child with such a happy heart who finds delight in even the simplest things. She has continued to be a low maintenance baby. She enjoys playing with the very few toys that she has, and she shows the same level of happiness when she plays with some random things like a tissue paper! Hahaha!

Hay. Eleven months. Our little darling is turning one year old on November 8. (I know, I know. This is a long overdue post! Hahaha!) I honestly don’t know why scientists haven’t invented something to freeze time! Hey there, Piper Halliwell, give me some of your powers!!!

P.S. Halatang-halata ang edad ko sa paggamit ko kay Piper Halliwell sa post na 'to! :p


  1. aww! ang bilis! mag 1 year old na agad si Zayne! and the cake!!! drooling!

  2. Ang sarap ng cake!!!! Advance Happy Bday Zayne!!!

  3. Huhuh!!! 1 year old na ang baby namin bukas!!! Ang bilis ng panahon. Parang kelan lang, ni di ka manlang maka 1/4 sa crib mo. Diosmio! Continue making us proud and happy. I love you my favorite inaanak. :)

  4. Happy birthday, baby Z! God bless you always! Bilis ng panahon talaga. Enjoy it while it lasts. Sunod nyan nakikipaglaro na sa labas at pumapasok na sa school. :)

    P.S. Tulo laway ko sa cake! Penge!!! :p

  5. Unang basa ko pa lang sa "Piper Halliwell, napangiti na ako e. Pero nung inulit mo pa sa dulo, napatawa na ako hahaha.

    Nakakatuwa yung vid nya na happy sa paglalaro ng tissue. nakakahawa yung smile nya. Hehe.

    Happiest 1st birthday Zayne. God bless you more! Be a good girl always. ❤


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